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October  2011

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E L E C T R O C A R D I O G R A P H Y    S E R I E S

Managing ventricular ectopics: are ventricular ectopic beats just an annoyance?
Omar A R, Lee L C, Seow S C, Teo S G, Poh K K
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P I C T O R I A L    E S S A Y

Bites to the hand: are they more than we can chew?
Cheah A E J, Chong A K S
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R E V I E W    A R T I C L E

Working toward the best doctor-patient communication
Neo L F

O R I G I N A L    A R T I C L E S

Retrospective review of tracheoplasty for congenital tracheal stenosis
Wijeweera O, Ng S B A

Prevalence and risk factors for low birth weight in Yazd, Iran
Golestan M, Akhavan Karbasi S, Fallah R

Comparison between mechanical freezer and conventional freezing using liquid nitrogen in normozoospermia
Rahana A R, Ng S P, Leong C F, Rahimah M D

Iatrogenic urological injuries complicating obstetric and gynaecological procedures
Obarisiagbon E O, Olagbuji B N, Onuora V C, Oguike T C, Ande A B A

Effect of vitamin E administration on histopathological changes in rat testes following torsion and detorsion
Ranade A V, Tripathi Y, Rajalakshmi R, Vinodini N A, Soubhagya R N, Nayanatara A K, Rekha D K, Kumari M

Bipolar plasmakinetic transurethral resection of the prostate vs. transurethral enucleation and resection of the prostate: pre- and postoperative comparisons of parameters used in assessing benign prostatic enlargement
Zhang K Y, Xing J C, Chen B S, Liu C X, Lau H W, Sim H G, Foo K T

Incidence of complications after transrectal ultrasonography-guided biopsy of the prostate in a local tertiary institution
Wu M W F, Sevilla E M, Raman L, Consigliere D, Siow W Y, Tiong H Y

Laparoscopic retroperitoneal/mesenteric lymph node sampling: a safe and effective technique
Durai R, Mir N, Ng P C H

C A S E    R E P O R T S

Use of adjunctive treatments in improving patient outcome in Fournierís gangrene
Ooi A, Chong S J

Lingual osteoma: case report and literature review
Liu J Y, Tan K K H

Basal cell carcinoma of the penis
Lidder S, Lang K J, Nakhdjevani A

Cor triatriatum in an 86-year-old woman: initial presentation with pulmonary hypertension discovered during preoperative evaluation
Akintunde A A

Familial complex chromosomal rearrangement in a dysmorphic child with global developmental delay
Ngim C F, Keng W T, Ariffin R

Fatty bronchogram: a sign of cystic teratoma rupture in the lung
Rossi G, Ronza F M, Porto A, De Rosa N

Unusual case of unrepaired omphalocoele and uncorrected tetralogy of Fallot in a young adult
Alsaif H S, Venkatesh K S, Chai P, Cheah W K, Teo L S L

Resolution of eosinophilic gastroenteritis after resection of uterine leiomyomas
Hui C K

L E T T E R S   T O    T H E    E D I T O R    A N D    A U T H O R ' S    R E P L Y

Bipolar versus monopolar transurethral resection of prostate
Ho C K C

Comment on: Lung hypoplasia and patellar agenesis in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
Thomas A

Authorís Reply. Comment on: Lung hypoplasia and patellar agenesis in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
Pradhan P


Are the demographic and clinical features of pathological gamblers seeking treatment in Singapore changing?

Effects of a soybean protein diet on ovariectomised female albino rats subjected to myocardial infarction

S M J    C M E    P R O G R A M M E

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