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June  2011

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M E D I C I N E    I N    S T A M P S

José Protacio Rizal (1861–1896): Physician and Philippine national hero
Lapeña J F

E L E C T R O C A R D I O G R A P H Y    S E R I E S

What is the cause of the regular wide QRS complex tachycardia?
Lim S L, Teo S G, Kireyev D, Poh K K
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O R I G I N A L    A R T I C L E S

Half-dose ezetimibe add-on to statin therapy is effective in improving resistant hyperlipidaemia in Asian patients with ischaemic heart disease
Chong E, Shen L, Poh K K

Inter-fraction prostate motion during intensity-modulated radiotherapy for prostate cancer

Siow T R, Ngoi C L F, Tan W K T

Arterial vascularisation of the anterior perforated substance
Sen T, Esmer A F, Acar H I, Karahan S T, Tuccar E

Aetiology of community-acquired urinary tract infection and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of uropathogens isolated

Bahadin J, Teo S S H, Mathew S

Attitudes of rehabilitation medicine doctors toward medical ethics in Malaysia
Mazlina M, Julia P E

Are the demographic and clinical features of pathological gamblers seeking treatment in Singapore changing?
Lee K M, Guo S, Manning V, Thane K, Wong K E

Effects of intrathecal midazolam in spinal anaesthesia: a prospective randomised case control study
Shadangi B K, Garg R, Pandey R, Das T

Treatment of Brodie’s abscess: excellent results from curettage, bone grafting and antibiotics

Olasinde A A, Oluwadiya K S, Adegbehingbe O O

Recurrent vertebral hydatid disease: spectrum of MR imaging features

Papakonstantinou O, Athanassopoulou A, Passomenos D, Kalogeropoulos I, Balanika A, Baltas C, Gouliamos A, Guglielmi G

Association of serum C-reactive protein and leptin levels with wasting in childhood tuberculosis

Herlina M, Nataprawira H M D, Garna H

C A S E    R E P O R T S

Anaesthetic management of a parturient with moyamoya disease
Dutta B, Dehran M, Sinha R

Single-port access total laparoscopic hysterectomy for stage 1A1 cancer of the cervix
Mohd J, Siow A

Ectopic pregnancy in previous Caesarean section scar
Hong S C, Lau M S K, Yam P K L

Foetal sacrococcygeal teratoma: extremes in clinical presentation
Wee W W, Tagore S, Tan J V K, Yeo G S H

Entangled bilateral adnexal torsion in a premenarchal girl: a laparoscopic approach
Kitporntheranunt M, Wong J, Siow A

Recurrent Rapunzel syndrome

Tiwary S K, Kumar S, Khanna R, Khanna A K

Hypersexual features in Huntington’s disease

Jhanjee A, Anand K S, Bajaj B K

Extrarenal teratoid Wilms’ tumour
Chowhan A K, Reddy M K, Javvadi V, Kannan T

Peripheral type of primitive neuroectodermal tumour arising from the left orbital floor
Santra G, Sinha P K, De D, Phaujdar S

C L I N I C A L    P R A C T I C E    G U I L D E L I N E S

Ministry of Health Clinical Practice Guidelines: Management of Gambling Disorders
Lee K M T, Chan H N, Cheah B, Gentica G F C, Guo S, Lim H K, Lim Y C, Noorul F, Tan H S, Teo P, Yeo H N
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L E T T E R   T O    T H E    E D I T O R    A N D    A U T H O R 'S    R E P L Y

Chronic cough: a myriad of aetiologies
Chao C T

Author’s Reply. Chronic cough: a myriad of aetiologies
Poulose V

S M J    C M E    P R O G R A M M E

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