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M E D I C I N E    I N    S T A M P S

Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917): founder of osteopathic medicine
Tan S Y, Zia J K

R E V I E W    A R T I C L E

Application of mental illness stigma theory to Chinese societies: synthesis and new direction
Yang L H

O R I G I N A L    A R T I C L E S

Point-of-care blood ketone testing: screening for diabetic ketoacidosis at the emergency department
Charles R A, Bee Y M, Eng P H K, Goh S Y

Patients’ complaints in a hospital emergency department in Singapore

Wong L L, Ooi S B S, Goh L G

One-year outcome of hip fracture patients admitted to a Singapore hospital: quality of life post-treatment
Lee A Y J, Chua B S Y, Howe T S

Immunosuppressive therapy in lung injury due to paraquat poisoning: a meta-analysis
Agarwal R, Srinivas R, Aggarwal A N, Gupta D

Survey on parenting practices among Chinese in Singapore
Poon W B, Ho W L C, Yeo C L

School-based screening for scoliosis: is it cost-effective?
Thilagaratnam S

Medical students in their final six months of training: progress in self-perceived clinical competence, and relationship between experience and confidence in practical skills
Lai N M, Sivalingam N, Ramesh J C

Anxiogenic potential of ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin in rats
Sen S, Jaiswal A K, Yanpallewar S, Acharya S B

Influences of aspartate on circadian patterns of lipid peroxidation products and antioxidants in Wistar rats
Sivaperumal R, Subash S, Subramanian P

C A S E    R E P O R T S

Giant abdominal hydatid cyst masquerading as ovarian malignancy
Mehra B R, Thawait A P, Gupta D O, Narang R R

External cystic rectal duplication: an unusual presentation of rectal duplication cyst

Karaman I, Karaman A, Arda N, Çakmak O

Urinothorax: an unusual cause of pleural effusion
Handa A, Agarwal R, Aggarwal A N

Life-threatening hyperkalaemia developing following excessive ingestion of orange juice in a patient with baseline normal renal function
Javed R A, Marrero K, Rafique M, Khan M U, Jamarai D, Vieira J

High signal in the cerebrospinal fluid following prior gadolinium administration in a patient with renal impairment
Ong E M W, Yeh I B

Technical challenges of advanced hip osteonecrosis managed using a vascularised fibular graft
Tan C H J, Sathapan S S, Chew Y C W, Ong H S

Parathyroid carcinoma presenting as a giant mediastinal retrotracheal functioning cyst
Vazquez F J, Aparicio L S, Gallo C G, Diehl M

Tuberculous pyomyositis of the thigh masquerading as malignancy with concomitant tuberculous flexor tenosynovitis and dactylitis of the hand
Batra S, Ab Naell M, Barwick C, Kanvinde R

Successful treatment of severe gastrointestinal involvement in adult-onset Henoch-Schönlein purpura
Sharma A, Wanchu A, Kalra N, Singh S, Bambery P

Spontaneous bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture
Vigneswaran N, Lee K, Yegappan M

M E D I C A L    E D U C A T I O N

Clinics in diagnostic imaging (119)
Venkatesh S K, Bhargava V
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Electrocardiographical case. Young woman with frequent syncope attacks
Gan H W, Lim B C, Teo W S
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B O O K    R E V I E W

Environmental Health Criteria 233: Transgenic Animal Mutagenicity Assays
Dheen S T

S M J    C M E    P R O G R A M M E

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