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Abstracts Restructured
Y C Chee

L E A D I N G    A R T I C L E

Diving (Underwater) for Pulmonary Pearls
Y T Wang

O R I G I N A L    A R T I C L E S

A Review of Cases of Pulmonary Barotrauma from Diving
E B H Lim, J How

Condom Knowledge, Attitudes and Use Among Patients Attending the Public STD Clinic in Singapore
R K W Chan, W K Cheong, J Y Lim

Dementia in Elderly Malays - Preliminary Findings of a Community Survey
E H Kua

Race, Culture and Myopia in 110,236 Young Singaporean Males
K G Au Eong, T H Tay, M K Lim

Shiftwork in Singapore
O Y Chan, S L Gan

Psychiatric Illness in Filipino Maids Admitted to Woodbridge Hospital
R Mahendran, S C Aw

Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (Apache II) Scoring in the Medical Intensive Care Unit, National University Hospital, Singapore
K H Lee, K P Hui, T K Lim, W C Tan

Speech Disorders in Closed Head Injury Patients
E B Menon, S Ravichandran, E S Tan

The Ratios of Area of Foot Print to Area of Foot Outline and Diabetic Sole Ulcer Formation
C K Low, P W Shew, B Y Low

Reliability of Computerised Electrocardiographic Reports
H T Ong, S H Kuah, S P Chew

Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy In the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis - A Malaysian Experience
R D Jalleh, I Kuppusamy, V Parameswary, C S L Yeow

Effect of Intraperitoneal Administration of Zinc in C57/6J Mice
B H Bay, K H Sit

Acute Hemiparesis with Hemichorea and Crossed Hemiparesis; Unusual Presentation for Myasthenia Gravis
B K C Ong, P N Chong

Delivery after a Lower Segment Caesarean Section
S F Lai, S Sidek

The Mental Diseases Hospital, Singapore (1st 100 Years) - Part IV
Y K Lee

R E V I E W    A R T I C L E

Factors Affecting Responses of Infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome to Exogenous Surfactant Therapy
N K Ho

I N V I T E D    A R T I C L E S

The Hypochondriacal Patient
C T Tan

E L E C T R O C A R D I O G R A P H I C    C A S E

An Unusual Cause of Giddiness
K S Ng, M H Choo

C A S E    R E P O R T S

An Unusual Cause for Cyanosis
K H Mak, A T H Tan, E Jacob, L F Chio

Neonatal Melioidosis
D Halder, W A Abdullah, M R Johari, K E Choo

Abstracts of papers presented at Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gastroenterological Society

Letter to the Editor


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