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Editorial - Quality Assessment Studies In The USA - R G Farmer

Leading Article - What's New In Peptic Ulcer
I Yap, J Y Kang

Leading Article - Fructosamine And Diabetes
H S Lim

Profile Of Peptic Ulcer Disease In Malaysia
M V Kudva, Thein-Htut

Fructosamine Concentrations In The Serum Of Diabetics And Healthy Individuals In Singapore
L L Tho, E S C Koay, A C Thai, J K Candlish

Prospects For The Prevention Of Digestive Tract Cancers In Singapore
H P Lee

Pain In Terminal Cancer: It's Incidence And Treatment In A General Hospital
F J Jayaratnam, K N Sin Fai Lam, K Nadarajah, V P Yong, J Nithiananthan, S S Wei

Malignant Thymoma - A Study Of 30 Cases
E T Chua, B C Tan, K B Chia, E J Chua, T H Khor, V K Sethi

Breathing Patterns In Young Male Adult Chinese And Indians
T H Cheong, A L W Chan, DR Koh, Y T Wang, S C Poh

Postinfarction Aneurysm - Factors Affecting Surgical Reparation - A Leone

A Profile Of 25 Inhalant Abusers Referred To Woodbridge Hospital For Psychiatric Assessment
R Mahendran

Colposcopic Index In Assessment Of Cervical Lesions
S M Chua, K C Ching, S T Chan

The Measurement Of Stress Associated With Hospitalisation
K W Boey

Review Article - Betel Quid And Oral Carcinogenesis
M N Awang

Endoscopic Pneumatic Dilatation For Achalasia Of The Oesophagus
J Y Sung, S C S Chung, J W C Leung

Sirenomelia - Case Reports
P Jayalakshmi, D S Huff

Treatment Of Severe Theophylline Toxicity With Oral Activated Charcoal And Haemodialysis - A Case Report
T K Lim, C C Tan

Unilateral Breast Enlargement As An unusual Manifestation Of Cardiac Failure - A Case Report
E Muthusamy

Cerebral Radiation Necrosis - A Case Report
M K Wong

Pycnodysostosis - Report Of A Case
T C Yeo

Adenocarcinoma Of The Jejunum Metastic To The Palatine Tonsil
R P Jalleh, H T Lim, M M S Krishnan

The Psychological impact Of Sexual Assault - Case Studies Of Adolescent Victims
C Ward

Burst Fractures Of The Thoracolumbar Spine
R G Albuquerque, B K Tay, N Balachandran

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