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JUNE  1988

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Leading Article - Myopia In Young Singaporeans
R Fan

Leading Article - The Prevention Of Cancer - A Prudent Approach
H P Lee

Leading Article - Treatment Of Idiopathic Scoliosis By Preoperative Localiser Cast Followed By Harrington Rod Fixation And Posterior Spinal Fusion
Y P Low

Leading Article - Cryptococcosis
E H Sng

The Pattern Of Myopia In Young Singaporean Men
S J Chew, S C Chia, L K H Lee

Dietary Vitamin A, Beta-Carotene And Risk Of Epidermoid Lung Cancer Among Chinese Males
S C S Y Ho, S P B Donna, C W M Martin, S Y Tsao

Idiopathic Scoliosis - Treatment By Preoperative Risser's Localiser Cast Followed By Harrington Rodding And Posterior Spinal Fusion
K T C Koh, B Y Low, N Balachandran

Pulmonary Cryptococcosis
W Y Cheong, A Thomas, K P Tan

The Impact Of The Anti-Smoking Campaign In Singapore
S C Emmanuel, A Phe, A J Chen

Comparison Of Efficacy Of And Tolerance To Ketoprofen And Diclofenac Sodium In The Treatment Of Rheumatoid Arthritis
M L Boey, S Rae, P H Feng

In Search Of A Diabetic Cardiopathy - A Study Of Left Ventricular Function In 25 Asymptomatic Diabetics Using M Mode Echocardiography - A Pilot Study
S Balasingam, P K Mah, C H Lee

Cases Of Brain Metastasis As The First Sign Of Systemic Cancer
C P Chee, D P Byrnes

Epstein-Barr Virus Specific Antibodies In Patients With IgA Nephropathy
A Y T Wu, Y K Lau, K B Chia, C H Lim

Management Of Invasive Bladder Carcinoma - A Five Year Review
E C Tan, K H Tung, H S Lam, K T Foo, EPC Tock

Initial Experience In Treatment Of Female Genital Warts And Cervical Intraepithelid Neoplasia With Laser
S M Chua, K F Tham, S Y Chew

Tuberculosis Of The Breast
K K Tan, T H Tan

Operative Treatment Of The Intercondylar Fracture Of The Femur
S G Chee, K S Lam, B K Tay, N Balanchandran

Emergency Hysterectomies In Obstetrics
S M Chua

Sulphasalazine In Rheumatoid Arthritis
M L Boey, E Lee, P H Feng

Tan Teck Guan Building, College Of Medicine, Singapore
Y K Lee

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome - A Study Of 4 Cases
T Maniam

Sore Throat Following Short-Term Endotracheal Intubation
C K Koay, E K Lim, W Y Chan, M K Chin

Fixed Drug Eruption To Maloprim
S N Tham, H L Chan

Normal Cerebrospinal Fluid Cellurity In Childhood Pyogenic Meningitis
A K Gururaj

Reversible Hepatic And Renal Damage From Rifampin Overdose - A Case Report
J Cheng, K M Fock, K L Chua

Cryptococcosis Of The Liver In A Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patient
K Y Fong, W T Poh, H S Ng

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