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The Third National Kidney Foundation Lecture. CAPD - 1985
L H Nielson, K D Nolph

Problems In Total Parenteral Nutrition In Paediatric Patients
W C L Yip, V T Joseph, J S H Tay, T F Ho, S H Quak, H B Wong

A Pilot Study On The Use Of The World Health Organisation Self Reporting Questionnaires (SRQ) On A Malaysian Population
S Krishnaswamy, O H N Kyaw

Blood Groups And Diseases
N Saha

Wertheim's Operation - A Personal Series Of 55 Cases
M C E Cheng

Near Visual Acuity Tests Using Chinese Characters And The LogMAR Principle
A W Johnston

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis In Malaysian Adults. A Retrospective Study
H C Ting, B A Adam

Psychosocial Study Of A Group Of Aged Chinese In Singapore
L P Kok

Preliminary Experience With Transduodenal Sphincteroplasty For Biliary Drainage
Peter H C Lim, H C Ch'ng, B K Ng

Effect of 13-CIS Retinoic Acid On Cystic Acne In Singapore
Y C Giam, T Tan

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Y L Chua, B Y Low, N Balachandran

A Mucoid, Sucrose - Positive Vibrio Parahaemolyticus Strain Isolated From Diarrhoeal Stool
S Lam

Self-Mutilation In A Family - Case Report
Y C Lim, B K Seng

Localisation Of Parathyroid Tissue By Ultrasound And Computerised Tomography Scanning - A Case Report
J Tan, R Kwok, T H Tan, P H Feng

Schizophrenia - Like Psychosis With Capgras Syndrome In A Patient With Right Temporal Lobe Epilepsy - A Case Report
S H Lim, K T Chee

Codeine Cough Mixture Addiction Mimicking Thyrotoxicosis
Benjamin Ong, J S Cheah

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