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Proceedings of V Asian-Pacific Congress of Cardiology
8 13 October 1972, Singapore



Preventive Cardiology

  1. Prevention Of Congenital Heart Disease
  2. Prevention Of Rheumatic Fever: Approaches And Problems
  3. Prevention In Hypertension

Recent Advances In Coronary Heart Disease
  1. Pre-Infarction Syndrome
  2. Mobile C.C.U
  3. Criteria For Selection Of Patients For Myocardial Revascularization
  4. Evaluation For Surgery
  5. Comments On Pre-Infarction Syndrome / Mobile Coronary Care Unit
  6. Venous Bypass Surgery

Fallot's Tetralogy

  1. Developmental Aspects Of Tetralogy Of Fallot
  2. Fallot's Tetralogy Natural History
  3. Tetralogy of Fallot
  4. Severe Tetralogy of Fallot Pathological Aspects And Prospects of Surgical Repair

New Frontiers In Cardio-Vascular Surgery

  1. Surgical Prospects In Complex Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
    1. By B Barratt-Boyes
    2. By A W Venables
  2. Intracardiac Repair For Single Or Common Ventricle, Creation Of A Straight Artifical Septum
  3. Current Status Of Valve Replacement
  4. The Use And Fate Of Long Prosthetic Bypass Grafts Of The Aorta

Controversies In Cardiology

  1. The Prophylactic Use Of Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs in Acute Myocardial Infarction
  2. Prophylactic Use Of Antiarrhythmic Drugs Following Myocardial Infarction: Observations Over 12 months
  3. Surgery Of The Complications (Other Than Angina) following Myocardial Infarction
  4. Pacemaker Implantion In Symptomatic Heart Block. Experience In 201 Patients / Demand and Bifocal Demand Pacing


Epidemiology Of Cardiovascular Diseases In Asian-Pacific Region

  1. Cardiovascular Epidemiology In Polynesians In The Pacific
  2. Population Studies In Papua New Guinea
  3. A Population Survey On Cerebrovascular And Cardiovascular Diseases In Kyushu , Japan
  4. Atherosclerotic Heart Disease Among The Druzes In Israel
  5. Cardiovascular Epidemiology A Study in new Guinea / epidemiology Of Coronary Heart Disease In Japanese Men Living In Japan, Hawaii , And California

Studies Of Conducting System

  1. Structure And Function Of The Accessory A-V Conduction Pathways
  2. Intraventricular Block
  3. A-V Conduction disturbance: Its Pathophysiology And Pharmacology / Localization Of A-V Block By His Bundle Recordings And Its clinical Significance

Cardiac Surgery In Infancy

  1. Percutaneous Catheterizaton In Infants and New Borns
  2. Intracardiac Surgery Using Profound Hypothermia
  3. Repair Of Cyanotic heart Disease in Infancy With Hypothermic Perfusion and circulatory Arrest
  4. Post-operative Management And Complications Following Profound Hypothermic Surgery
  5. Follow-up Of Children After Cardiac Surgery In Infancy: The Unnatural History Of Severe Congenital Heart Disease

Acute Myocardial Infarction

  1. Mechanism And Treatment Of Myocardial Infarction Shock
  2. Cardiac Pacing After Myocardial Infarction In the Presence Of Bundle Branch Block
  3. Ventricular Fibrillation in Acute Myocardial Infarction Relation To Long-Term Survival
  4. Prognosis In Acute Myocardial Infarction / Cardiogenic Shock

Genetics In Cardiology

  1. Genetics In Congenital heart Disease
  2. Genetics In Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  3. Study Of Twins With Hypertension
  4. Genetics Of Coronary Heart Disease
  5. Palmar Dermatoglyphics In Heart Disease

Sudden Death

  1. Definition and the Problem Of Intervention
  2. Sudden Unexpected Death As The Initial Manifestation Of Coronary Heart Disease: Clinical And Pathological Observations
  3. Pre-Hospital Deaths Due To Ischaemic Heart Disease In Singapore
  4. Acute Cardiac Death Of Unknown Etiology In Jana
  5. Sudden Death

Pulmonary Heart Disease

  1. Pathological Classification Of Pulmonary Vascular Disease
  2. Haemodynamic Disturbances In Patients With Chronic Cor Pulmonale
  3. Role Of Pulmonary Hypertension, Hypoxaemia And Right Ventricular Hypertrophy On The Right Heart Failure In Pulmonary Heart Diseases
  4. Ammonia Metabolism In Pulmonary Heart Disease / Pulmonary Hypertension With Special Reference To Filariasis And Its Management

Cardiac Arrhythmias

  1. Cardiac Syncopes In Patients With Sinus Rhythm
  2. Bifocal Demand Pacing
  3. Cardiac Pacing In The Management Of The Sick Sinus Syndrome
  4. Rationale Of Drug Therapy

Coronary Heart Disease In The Young

  1. Neonatal Familial Type II Hyperlipoproteinemia: Cord Blood Cholesterol and follow Up Study In 1,320 Births
  2. Studies Of Coronary Arteries in Children Their Relevance To Coronary Heart Disease
  3. Predictive Factors For Coronary Heart Disease In The Young
  4. Angiographic Findings In Young Patients With Cardiac Infarction And Their Relationship To Risk Factors
  5. Coronary Disease In Young Men

Cardiac Metabolism

  1. On Myocardial Energy Metabolism During Exercise In Patients With Circulatory Diseases
  2. Effect Of Altitude Hypoxia On Myocardial Metabolism
  3. Studies Of Catecholamine Metabolism In Myocardial Infarction
  4. Selective Release Of Catecholamines in Experimental Coronary Occlusion
  5. Changes In Bradykinin Level In Coronary Sinus Blood After Experimental Coronary Occlusion, And Their Relationships to Hemodynamic Changes

Primary Myocardial Disease

  1. Spectrum Of Cardiomyopathy And Current Classification
  2. Pathologic Studies
  3. Endomyocardial Biopsy In Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy: With Reference To Its Natural History
  4. Endomyocardial Fibrosis: Clinical Study Of Nigerian Cases

Rehabilitation Programme In The Young

  1. Organisation Of A Coronary Rehabilitation Centre
  2. Assessing The Value Of Early Rehabilitation After Myocardial Infarction
  3. Training Programme For Patients Of Myocardial Infarction
  4. Physical Training Program
  5. The Psychological Rehabilitation Of The Patient After A Myocardial Infarction

Myocardial Revascularisation In Coronary Artery Disease

  1. The Spectrum Of Abnormal Left Ventricular Function In Ischemic Heart Disease And The Influence Of Successful Saphenous Vein Grafting
  2. Medical Versus Surgical Intervention and The natural History Of Severe Angina Pectoris
  3. Evolution Of Present Techniques For Myocardial Revascularisation / Emergency Myocardial Revascularisation / Surgical Considerations Of associated Arterial Occlusive Disease In Coronary Arterial Disease


  1. Autonomic And Vascular Mechanism In Hypertension
  2. Spontaneous Hypertension In Rats Versus Essential Hypertension In Man
  3. Current Trends in The Treatment Of Hypertension
  4. Cardiac Involvement In Severe Hypertension
  5. The Effect Of Anti-Hypertensive Therapy On Post-Exercise St Segment Depression In Middle Aged Hypertensive Chinese Men

Phamacology Of Beta-Adrenergic Blockers

  1. Mechanism Of Action And Pharmacological Classification Of b -Adrenergic Receptor Blocking Drugs
  2. Beta-Adrenergic Blockade In Ischaemic Heart Disease
  3. Beta Blockade In Supraventricular Arrhythmias
  4. Beta-Adrenergic Blocking Agents In Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HOCM)
  5. Practolol In Hypertension: Reduction In Sympathetic Nervous and Renin Responses

Rheumatic Heart Diseases

  1. Changing Pattern Of Rheumatic Fever And Rheumatic Heart Disease In Japan
  2. The Natural History Of Rheumatic Fever And Juvenile Rheumatic Heart Disease In Taiwan
  3. Rheumatic Heart Disease In Three Decades (1942 1971)
  4. Prosthetic Valve Replacement In Children


Screening Methods In Heart Disease

  1. Problems And Pitfalls In Available Methods
  2. Computerized ECG Processing In Exercise Test
  3. Prevalence Of Hypertension And Its Treatment In An Australian Community: Implications for Screening

Cardiac Pacemakers

  1. Future Power Sources For Cardiac Pacemakers
  2. A New Inexpensive Cardiac Pacing System
  3. Implanted Artificial Cardiac Pacemaker In A Man-machine Complex System
  4. Long Term Follow-up Of The Paced Patients

Technical Problems Of Cardiac Surgery in Infancy

  1. Palliative Versus Corrective Surgery In The Infant Age Group
  2. Profound Hypothermia Technical Aspects
  3. Perfusion Problems In Infants

Mobile Coronary Care Unit

Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme

  1. Laboratory Diagnosis And Antistreptopolysaccharide
  2. Problems In The Primary Prevention Of Rheumatic Fever: Experience From Jerusalem
  3. Epidemiology And ProphyLaxis Of Rheumatic Fever In Delhi A Five Year Follow-Up

Technical Problems Of Cardiac Surgery In Adults

  1. Reconstruction Of The Outflow Tract Of The Right Ventricle
  2. Prevention Of Arterial Line Embolism
  3. Protection Of The Myocardium During Ischemic Arrest

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