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Leukemia in Singapore
The Leukemia Study Group

Childhood Leukemia In Singapore Children
F M Paul

Histiocytosis X In Singapore Children
K H Tan

Radiological Differentiation Between Wilm's Tumour And Neuroblastoma In Abdominal Masses
S F Yu

The Incidental Of Varicose Veins In Singapore (A Study In Three Occupational Groups)
R Nambiar

Punctate Basophilia And Lead Absorption
S F M Cressal

A Dermatosis Found In Scrap Rubber Millers
P K Chew

Work After Myocardial Infarction
A S T Wee

Medical Problems Of Sea-Tanker Crews
W O Phoon

Morbidity Of Silicosis In Singapore
O T Khoo, K K Toh

Use Of Cyclophosphamide (Endoxan) In The Treatment Of Reticuloses
P H Feng, F J Jayaratnam, C S Seah

Ovarian Carcinoma Treated With Cycloposphamide (Endoxan)
P H Feng, F J Jayaratnam, C S Seah

The Contribution Of Radiology In Sellar And Perisellar Tumours
C L Oon

Tumours Of And Around The Pituitary Seen At The Thomson Road General Hospital Between July 1965 And December 1967
C F Tham

Gastroscopy In The Early Diagnosis Of Gastric Cancer: Experience With The Storz Gastroscope In 122 Cases
W P Fung

The Prevention Of Invasive Cancer Of The Uterine Cervix
S H Tow, C I Tan

The Use Of Hypnosis In The Management Of Patients With Cancer
T M Chong

The Importance Of Occupational Health To The Future Of Singapore
W O Phoon

Occupational Health In The United Kingdom
S F M Cressall

The Need For Developing Occupational Health And Safety Programme In Relation To Industrialisation In Asia And The Far East
M A El Batawi

What Is Occupational Health?
M J Colbourne

Public Forum (A) Kora (B) Cancer


Report of Events Of The First National Medical Conventions

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