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September  2011

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E L E C T R O C A R D I O G R A P H Y    S E R I E S

Brugada pattern masking anterior myocardial infarction
Seow S C, Omar A R, Hong E C T
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M E D I C I N E    I N    S T A M P S

Christiaan Eijkman (1858–1930): The vicar of vitamins
Merritt C, Tan S Y

R E V I E W    A R T I C L E

Guideline on training and credentialing in endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
Ang T L, Cheng J, Khor J L C, Mesenas S J, Vu K F C, Wong W K

O R I G I N A L    A R T I C L E S

Treatment of scaphoid non-union with 1,2 intercompartmental supraretinacular artery (1,2 ICSRA) vascularised graft
Ong H S, Tan G, Chew W Y C

Lower extremity amputation prevention in Singapore: economic analysis of results
Tan M L M, Feng J, Gordois A, Wong E S D

Effects of monochromatic infrared energy therapy on diabetic feet with peripheral sensory neuropathy: a randomised controlled trial
Nawfar S A, Yacob N B M

Anatomical study of the distal end of cadaveric human ulnae: a clinical consideration for the management of distal radioulnar joint injuries
Sharma A, Kumar A, Singh P

Densitometry trends in postmenopausal Asian women undergoing bisphosphonate treatment
Ang C L, Singh G, Goh A S W, Shen L, Tay B K

Reliability and accuracy of the tape measurement method with a nearest reading of 5 mm in the assessment of leg length discrepancy
Jamaluddin S, Sulaiman A R, Kamarul Imran M, Juhara H, Ezane M A, Nordin S

Retinal changes in various altitude illnesses
Arora R, Jha K N, Sathian B

A pilot study on domiciliary pulmonary rehabilitation programme in the management of severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Sindhwani G, Verma A, Biswas D, Srivastava M, Rawat J

M E D I C A L    E D U C A T I O N

Clinics in diagnostic imaging (136)
Wong K M, Wong S K
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C A S E    R E P O R T S

Mediastinal mass diagnosed as a benign schwannoma
Ayub S, Shakoor M T, Hasan S, Khan J A

Cytomegalovirus colitis in immunocompetent patients
Momin N, Telisinghe P U, Chong V H

Primary thyroid lymphoma with elevated free thyroxine level
Yahaya N, Din S W J, Ghazali M Z, Mustafa S

Intestinal lymphangiectasia associated with recurrence of histiocytosis X
Hui C K

Intracranial involvement in a patient with Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Comert M, Bassullu N, Kaya E, Kocak A

Use of radiosynovectomy in recurrent warfarin-related haemarthrosis in degenerative arthritis
Tan Y K, Lai H K, Chong Y Y

Constrictive pericarditis presenting as chylothorax
Naeem M, Sobani Z A, Zubairi A, Fatmi S, Khan J A

Chronic osteomyelitis in the lower extremity predisposing to the unusual formation of keloids
Orimolade E A, Olabanji J K, Oladele A O, Yusuf M B

L E T T E R   T O    T H E    E D I T O R    A N D    A U T H O R ' S    R E P L Y

Malaysia-ACCORD study: tip of the cardiovascular iceberg – we must do better
Sachithanandan A

Author’s Reply. Malaysia-ACCORD study: tip of the cardiovascular iceberg – we must do better
Ahmad W A W


Ministry of Health Clinical Practice Guidelines: Schizophrenia


Review of tools of cardiovascular disease risk stratification: interpretation, customisation and application in clinical practice

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