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JULY  2010

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M E D I C A L    I N    S T A M P S

William Stewart Halsted (1852–1922): father of American surgery
Tan S Y, Uyehara P

E F F E C T I V E    M E D I C A L    W R I T I N G

Writing a letter to the Editor
Peh W C G, Ng K H
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P O S I T I O N    P A P E R

Global health: challenges and opportunities for Singapore
Jahncke E, Lim M K, Seow A, Chia K S, Wilder-Smith A

R E V I E W    A R T I C L E

Allergic rhinitis: evidence-based practice
Lim M Y, Leong J L
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O R I G I N A L    A R T I C L E S

Impact of tinnitus as measured by the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory among tinnitus sufferers in Singapore
Lim J J B H, Lu P K S, Koh D S Q, Eng S P

Randomised controlled trial evaluating the role of tirofiban in high-risk non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes: an East Indian perspective
Bhattacharya R, Pani A, Dutta D, Basak S, Gangopadhyay S, Das Baksi S, Sarkar R N

Novel electrogram device with web-based service centre for ambulatory ECG monitoring
Tan B Y, Ho K L, Ching C K, Teo W S

Five-year experience with congenital cardiac surgery at National University Heart Centre, Singapore
Kang G S, Soh Y F, Kofidis T, Lee C N

Angiotensin-converting enzyme gene variant and its levels: risk factors for myocardial infarction in a South Indian population
Pulla Reddy B, Srikanth Babu B M V, Venkata Karunakar K, Yasovanthi J,
Munshi A, Sampath Kumar P, Sharath A, Jyothy A

Type 2 diabetes mellitus duration: an independent predictor of serum malondialdehyde levels
Nakhjavani M, Esteghamati A, Nowroozi S, Asgarani F, Rashidi A, Khalilzadeh O

Training of occupational safety and health: knowledge among healthcare professionals in Malaysia
Lugah V, Ganesh B, Darus A, Retneswari M, Rosnawati M R, Sujatha D

Bullying of junior doctors in Pakistan: a cross-sectional questionnaire study
Imran N, Jawaid M, Haider I I, Masood Z

C A S E    R E P O R T S

Sudden severe chest pain: thoracic dural arteriovenous fistula aneurysm rupture with intracranial subarachnoid haemorrhage
Tan A K, Dinesh S K, Lim W E H, Ng I H B

ST segment elevation myocardial infarction following elective direct current synchronised cardioversion for atrial fibrillation
Tan V H, Ong S H, Tan C H

Complete congenital third branchial fistula: does the theoretical course apply?
Aneeza W H, Mazita A, Marina M B, Razif M Y

An indolent diffuse infiltrating gastric carcinoma
Chong V H, Telisinghe P U, Yapp S K

VIPoma syndrome: challenges in management
Adam N, Lim S S, Ananda V, Chan S P

C L I N I C A L    P R A C T I C E    G U I D E L I N E S

Academy of Medicine, Singapore-Ministry of Health Clinical Practice Guidelines: Management of Food Allergy
Lee B W, Aw M, Chiang W C, Daniel M, George G M, Goh E N A, Han W M,
Lee M L L J, Leong K P, Liew W K, Phuah K Y, Shek L, Van Bever H
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L E T T E R S    T O    T H E    E D I T O R    A N D    A U T H O RS'   R E P L I E S

Exchange of intravenous cannula over stylet of spinal needle: our experience and comments
Sharma R

Author’s reply: Exchange of intravenous cannula over stylet of spinal needle; our experience and comments
Garg R

Comments on: Effective medical writing – writing a case report
Murlimanju B V

Authors’ reply: Comments on: Effective medical writing – writing a case report
Peh W C G, Ng K H

S M J    C M E    P R O G R A M M E

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