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Nonspecific Airway Hyperresponsiveness: Muscles and Mediators or Tubes and Tethering?
Y T Wang

L E A D I N G    A R T I C L E

Circulating Immune Complexes in Tuberculosis - What is its Clinical Significance?
S K Teo

O R I G I N A L    A R T I C L E S

Circulating Immune Complexes in Tuberculosis
A Arora, J P Wali, P Seth, J S Guleria, P Aggarwal

Sympathectomy for Wet, Dripping Palms
K K Tan

The Changing Patterns of Scabies Among In-patients in Singapore (1982-1989)
J T E Lim, T Thirumoorthy

Public Awareness of AIDS in Singapore
S C Emmanuel

The 75 and 50G OGTT Response in Normal Pregnant Women
D F M Loke, L P Kek, M Rauff, A C Thai, O A C Viegas, S S Ratnam

Early Local Experience of Ankle Arthrography and Its Influence on Management of Patients with Ankle Injury
S G Chee, T K Khoo, B K Chong, K P Tan

Local Norms of Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein Values in Early Second Trimester: A Prelude to a Down's Syndrome Screening Programme Incorporating Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein Values
F M Lai, S H Yeo, S L Yo, I K Tan

A Study of 8-year Neonatal Deaths (1982-1989) of Toa Payoh Hospital
N K Ho

A 2-year Study of Neonatal Mortality in a Large Malaysian Hospital
N Y Boo, N M Nasri, S K Cheong, N Sivamohan

Acute Renal Failure Following Jering Ingestion
P K H'ng, S K Nayar, W M Lau, M Segasothy

Comparison of Propofol and Thiopentone as Induction Agents for Laparoscopy
W K Boey, A Kumar

Clear Cell Chondrosarcoma: A Report of 2 Cases
S Singh, K C Ng, S K Tan

I N V I T E D    A R T I C L E S

The Physiology of Ageing
K S Lee, R E Owen, P W Choo, F J Jayaratnam

Urinary Incontinence in the Elderly
K S Lee, R E Owen, P W J Choo, F J Jayaratnam

Faecal Incontinence in the Elderly
K S Lee, R E Owen, P W J Choo, F J Jayaratnam

Rational Approach to the Management of Eczemas
P H Fong

C A S E    R E P O R T S

Paraneoplastic Optic Neuropathy in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: Report of a Case
S T Hoh, M Teh, S J Chew

Repair of Tracheal Tear During Oesophagectomy Using the Mobilised Stomach
M M S Krishnan, V K Khanijow, G Ong, A E Delilkan

Jugular Venous Aneurysm - A Rare Cause of Neck Swelling
M K Dhillon, Y P Leong

B O O K    R E V I E W S

The Management of Male Infertility

Handbook of Occupational Skin Diseases

Retinal Detachment - The Essentials of Management

Handbook of Chemical Pathology

Laser - Its Clinical Uses in Eye Diseases

The ABC's of Community Participation in Primary Health Care

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