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L E A D I N G    A R T I C L E S

A Second Look at Tuberculosis Mortality Statistics
S K Teo

Hepatic Granulomas
K T Ho

The Hidden Agenda
L G Goh

BOOP - Bronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia
Y C Chee

O R I G I N A L    A R T I C L E S

An Evaluation of 1987 Tuberculosis Deaths in Singapore
B H Heng, K K Tan, K W Chan, T H Tan

Hepatic Granulomas - An Experience Over the Last 8 Years
R S E Chong, H S Ng, L B Teh, J M S Ho

The Hidden Agenda and Diagnosis in General Practice
P C W Kee, W N Wong

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome in Neuroleptic-Carbamazepine Combination
K E Wong

Occupational Asthma Due to Isocyanates in Singapore
H S Lee, Y T Wang, W H Phoon, S C Poh

Screening for Colorectal Cancer in Singapore
S S Ngoi, J E L Wong, P M Y Goh

Parental Influence in Transsexualism
W F Tsoi

Endobronchial Tuberculosis - A Report of 5 Cases
S K Teo

Group G Streptococcal Endocarditis and Bacteraemia - A Report of 3 Cases
J C H Yap, Y T Wang, S C Poh

Colonoscopy in Children with Bleeding Per Rectum
S H Quak, K Prabhakaran

Psychiatric Morbidity in Schizophrenic Relatives - Use of Self-Reporting Questionnaires (SRQ)
M R Salleh

Margosa Oil Poisoning as a Cause of Toxic Encephalopathy
S M Lai, K W Lim, H K Cheng

Sleep Apnoea Syndrome - A Study of 5 Cases
H F K Chiu, S Lee, K W Ho, C C Leung, C N Chen

Botulinum Toxin in the Treatment of Hemifacial Spasm
P N Chong

Refractive Errors in Singapore Medical Students
Y C Chow, B Dhillon, P T K Chew, S J Chew

Cardiovascular Malformations in Malaysian Neonates with Down's Syndrome
T S Hoe, K C Chan, N Y Boo

I N V I T E D    A R T I C L E S

Early Clinical Manifestations of HIV Infection
R K W Chan

Cutaneous Manifestations of Cardiac Diseases
H L Chan

Singapore - An Ageing Society
P W J Choo, K S Lee, R E Owen, F J Jayaratnam

Methodology in Geriatric Medicine
R E Owen, P W J Choo, K S Lee, F J Jayaratnam

C A S E    R E P O R T S

Idiopathic Bronchiolitis Obliterans with Organizing Pneumonia in Singapore - First Case Report
W C Tan, R K T Chan, R Sinniah

Progressive Hemifacial Atrophy - A Report of 2 Cases
B Ong, P N Chong, P P B Yeo

Galactocoele of Childhood - A Case Report
R Visvanathan

Colonic and Breast Carcinomas: Association or Metastases? - Report of a Case
J J Tjandra, J A Smith, J P Collins, I S Russell, I F C McKenzie

Occupational Asthma Due to Spot Welding
H S Lee, S E Chia, J C H Yap, Y T Wang, C S Lee

B O O K    R E V I E W S

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