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Graduate Medical Education In The Unitd States
W M Michener

L E A D I N G    A R T I C L E S

Heat Stroke
M K Lim

Community Acquired Pneumonia
K Narendran

Acute Septicaemic Melioidosis
K W Chan

O R I G I N A L    A R T I C L E S

Heat Stroke: A Clinical Review of 27 Cases
M K Tham, J Cheng, K M Fock

A Retrospective Study of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Hong Kong with Special Reference to the Choice of Antibiotics
M A H Cohen, J C K Pang

Bleeding Patterns and Acceptability Among Norplant Users in Singapore
K Singh, O A C Viegas, S S Ratnam

Elderly Suicide in Singapore
E H Kua

Stillbirths - Ten Years Experience at Toa Payoh Hospital
K C Tan, N K Ho, B L Tay

A Prospective Randomised Controlled Trial of External Cephalic Version Comparing Two Methods of Uterine Tocolysis With a non-Tocolysis Group
G W T Tan, S W Jen, S L Tan, Y M Salmon

Significance of the Tuberculin in Test in Singapore
K K Tan, I Snodgrass, T H Tan

Endocervical Chlamydial Infection in Female Contacts of Patients with Nongonococcal Urethritis
K B Lim, T Thirumoorthy, C T Lee, E H Sng, T Tan

Endocervical Chlamydial Infection in Women Attending A Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic in Singapore
K B Lim, T Thirumoorthy, M Nadarajah, E H Sng, W S Yuen

Clinical Efficacy of Sulbatam/Ampicillin in the Treatment of Moderately Severe Bacterial Infections
K Y Fong, H S Howe, M L Boey, P H Feng

A Retrospective Study of The Profile of ESN Children Seen At The Child Psychiatric Clinic
S M Ko, P K Oon

Management of Flavobacterium Meningitis In The Neonates: Experience With 18 Consecutive Cases
N Y Boo, V K E Lim, F M Yakin, A S Sakijan

The Patient's Right to Know: Some Sociological Considerations
S R Quah

S P E C I A L    A R T I C L E S

Postgraduate Medical Training and Certification At The National University Of Singapore
H B Wong

The Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - A Review Of The Global Situation
S K Chew

A Review of Neurological Complications In AIDS
K V Ratnam, C K Tan


Antenatal Monitoring of the High Risk Fetus
S Arulkumaran

C A S E    R E P O R T S

Pseudomonas Pseudomallei Pneumonia With Septicemia - Case Report
S S Wei, D S Gill

Cardiomyopathy In Pregnancy: 2 Case Reports
S Krishnamurthi, S V G Reddy, M Mohammed

Hepatic Hydatidosis: Diagnostic And Therapeutic Aspects
R P Jalleh, R Nuruddin, M M S Krishnan

Importance Of Antenatal Karyothyping In The Management Of A Case With Vestigial Radii
C L K Chan, S Arulkumaran, Y C Wong, S S Ratnam

Mild Haemolysis Associated With Flu-Syndrome During Rifampicin Treatment - A Case Report
C T Yeo, Y T Wang, S C Poh

Primary Malignant Lymphoma Of The Cervix Uteri: A Case Report
C C Khong, K L Yam, B H Ong

Vitamin B12 Neuropathy In The Absence of Anaemia - Case Report
I S Chiew, K L Goh, T G Loh

Adult Still's Disease: A Missed Diagnosis
M Ramanathan

L E T T E R    T O    T H E    E D I T O R

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