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Leading Article - Etiology of Subarachnoid Haemorrhage In Singapore
K K Tan

Epilepsy In Infancy
L Y Ho

Management Of Ingested Foreign Bodies
C T Chew

Tuberculous Lymphadenitis In Singapore
T H Tan

Aneurysms Are More Common Than Arteriovenous Malformations As The Cause Of Subarachnoid Haemorhage In The Malaysia Population
C P Chee, T G Loh

Epilepsy In Infancy
A K Gururaj, R Pratap Chand, K E Choo

Barium Swallow: Its Role In The Management Of An Oesophageal Foreign Body
L E Loh, S G Chee

Tuberculous Lymphadenitis In Singapore
K K Tan

The Operational Research Study For The Singapore Myocardial Infraction Register
S C Emmanuel, A T H Tan, A C Tan, H Tunstall-Pedoe, Z P Ding, T K Yeoh

A Community-Based Arthritis Survey In Singapore - A Pilot Study
M L Boey, C Lau, S C Ng, C Y Tye, W O Phoon, P H Feng

Investigations On The Relative Synthesis Of Globin Chains In Thalassaemia: A Preliminary Study In Malaysian Subjects
K Hassan, T Vijayasilan, Z Mahmood, H Abdul Hamid, Y M Chin

Heart Disease In Pregnancy: Current Trends, Clinical Presentation And Outcome Of Pregnancy In 77 Cases
T Cheng, A A Amir, M Choolani, S L Tan, D Vengadasalam, Y M Salmon

Anterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome
E T L Ong, R Vaikunthan

Acromegaly And Cerebrovascular Accidents
K O Lee, H M Gwee, J S Cheah

Olecranon Fracture And Tension Band Wiring
C K Low, B Y Low

Comparision Of Accuracy Of Ultrasonography And Oral Cholecystography In The Diagnosis Of Cholelithiasis
J S C Tan, S G Chee, K P Tan, T K Khoo

Review Article: Transcanial Doppler In Cerebrovascular Disease
K F Tang, L M Brass, T K Tatemichi, D Duterte, R L Sacco, J P Mohr

Gingival Hyperplasia: An Intra-Oral Side Effect Of Phenytoin, Nifedipine And Cyclosporine Therapies
W Z W Yusof

Clostridium Difficile Associated Diarrhoea: A Report Of Seven Cases
N Parasakthi, S D Puthucheary, K L Goh, V Sivanesaratnam

Oxyphenisatin Induced Chronic Active Hepatitis - A Potential Health Hazard In Singapore
L B Teh, R Chong, J M S Ho, Y Y Ong

Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma And Cushing's Syndrome: A Report Of Two Cases And A Review Of The Literature
A C K Fok, A Y S Tan, A P Y Chong, P P B Yeo

Occupational Asthma From The Use Of Coal As Fuel
S C Liow

Renal Angiomyolipoma In A Family With Tuberous Sclerosis
P T Ang, Y T Lim, J S Cheah, L Tan

Hypoglycaemic Tetany - A Case Report
V Anantharaman

Acute Renal Failure, Eosinophilia, Thrombocytopenia And Exfoliative Dermatitis Associated With Captopril Therapy
K N Lai, F M M Lai, J Vallance-Owen

Acephalus Acardius Cervico-Thoracophagus Conjoined Twin - A Case Report
A S Thavarasah, C R Jayakumar

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