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Leading Article - Subarachnoid Haemorrhage And The Negative Angiogram
K H Ho

Leading Article - Clinical Exercise Testing
Y T Wong

Leading Article - An Experience With Psychanalytic Psychotherapy In
W F Tsoi

Leading Article - Interleukin 2 - Quo Vadis?
K V Ratnam

Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Of Unknown Actiology - A Clinico-Radiological Analysis Of 22 Consecutive Cases In The Malaysian Population
C P Chee

Comparative Maximal Exercise Response Of Malaysian Ethnic Groups
M T Duncan, S M Horvath

An Experience With Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Singapore
D S G Kong

Distribution Of Interleukin - 2 Receptors In Activated T-Lymphocyte Subsets In Vitro
K N Lai, J C K Leung, F M M Lai

Innocent Systolic Murmurs In Healthy Young Males: A Study Of The Characteristics And Prevalence In The SAF Pre-Enlistee Population
C C Tan, T M Hiew

Perception Of The Eldery Towards Services Provided At The Senior Citizens' Health Care Centre: A Community - Based Survey, 1987
N P Fong, R Ray

A Ten-Year Follow-Up Study Of Schizophrenia
S K Chew, W F Tsoi, C H Kua, K E Wong

Uterine Rupture With The Use Of Cerragem (Prostaglandin E1) For Induction Of Labour On Account Of Intrauterine Death
A S Thavarasah, K S Achanna

Urinary Stones In Kalantin, Malaysia - A Two Year Review
K G Lim, R H Edward, G L G McAll, Mya Thaung NA Wahab, G Arimainayagan

The Incidence And Clinical Pattern Of Deep Vein Thrombosis In The Chinese In Hong Kong
K S Woo, G Y K Mak, J J Sun, J L F Woo, C Metreweli, J Wallance-Owen

Isoelastic Cementless Total Hip Replacement - Preliminary Results Of 24 Replacements
L M Museru, B K Tay, N Balachandran

Organisation Of A Trauma Centre
S K Lim, V Anantharaman

The Chiba Needle For Percutaneous Lung Biopsy
W S Chin, I Sng

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology In The Diagnosis And Classification Of Recurrent And Metastatic Gynaecological Malignancies
W H Lee, W Y C Lew

Comparative Study Between Prostaglandin Ez Vaginal Tablet And Intravenous Oxytoxin In Induction Of Labour
S M Chua, K W Lee, S M Phua

Snake Bite: Experience In Bukit Mertajam District Hospital, Pulau Pinang
E Muthusamv

Sickness Absence Of Migrant Workers
K S Chia

Ceftazidime In Febrile SLE Patients
M L Boey, P H Feng

The Role Of Chemotherapy In Cervical Cancer - A Review
V Sivanesaratnam

Congenital Syphilis - A Report Of 3 Cases
F Chia, T Thirumoorthy, P S Seong

Spontaneous Neonatal Haemothorax - A Report Of 2 Cases
T C Yeo

Aspergillosis Of Sphenoid Sinus Presenting As A Pituitary Tumour
K T Tan, P L Ong, W T Poh, J S Cheah

Illeosigmoid Knot - Case Report
C R Thambi Dorai

Endocarditis Due To Streptococcus Bovis - A Case Report
N Parasaklni, S O Puthucheary, R Pathmanathan, K L Goh


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