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Leading Article - Enteropathogenicity Of E. Coli
S L S Lam, M Yeo

Leading Article - Epidemiology Of Adverse Drug Reactions
K V Ratnam

Leading Article - Management Of Open Tibial Fractures
Y P Low

A Comparison Of The Levels Of Total Serum Cholesterol (1974-1984) And Its Relations To Ischaemic Heart Disease In Singapore And The United States Of America
W L S Chew, P K Mah, Y T Tan, C K Cheong

Asymptomatic Hepatitis B Antigen(s) Carriers In Singapore: Serological Reassessment
C Lau-Ting

A Comparative Study Of The Chiba And Turner Needles In Percutaneous Lung Biopsy
J Yap, K P Tan

Detection Of Labile Enterotoxin Of E. Coli By The Biken Assay And The GM, Eliza
J Vadivelu, N Parasakthi, S D Puthucheary

Observation Of 100 Cases Of Adverse Drug Reactions In General Practice
S H Wong

Update On Management Of Hypertension In Pregnancy - Medical Aspects
Y C Chee

Disturbing Trends In Abortions In Singapore - Analysis In A Private Clinic
S C Chew

Malignancy Associated With Benign Cystic Teratomas (Dermoid Cysts) Of The Ovary
P Singh, E L Yordan, G D Wilbanks, A W Miller, A Wee

Myomectomy: Indications, Results Of Surgery And Relation To Fertility
R K L Chong, P H Thong, S L Tan, P W Thong, Y M Salmon

The Impact Of Endourology On Other Modalities Of Treatment Of Urinary Stones In Singapore
K H Tung, E C Tan, R Kwok, K T Foo

Management Of Open Tibia Fractures
C M Leong, A P K Leong, B Y Low

Haemoglobin E - β Thalassaemia Reexamined
E George, K Faridah, K Sivagengei

A Validity Study Of The Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire In Malaysian Population
K Kasmini, O Kyaw

Gestational Diabetes: What Size The Problem?
K W Wang, V Balakrishnan, P C Y Liauw, E K M Chua, D Vengadasalam, Y T Tan

Prenatal Ultrasound Estimation Of Foetal Weight
K K Chow

Erythrocytic Enzymes Decomposing Reactive Oxygen Species And Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency
L L Tho, W H Lee, J K Candlish

Early 4-Hour Post-Angiography Ambulation As A Feasible Alternative To Routine 24-Hour Bedcare
M K Wong, H Ng, L S Ng, K P Tan

Uses Of Krypton Laser
R C K Loh

Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: A Description Of Four Cases
R S E Chong, H S Ng, C S Seah

Intrapleural Tetracycline For Spontaneous Pneumothorax With Persistent Air Leak
Y T Wang, K Y Ng, S C Poh

Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Deafness - An Approach To The Problem
V K Khanijow, R Raman

Multiple Primary Tumours In Laryngeal Cancer
RE Stanley, T H Khor, N Kunaratnam, B C Tan

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome - Report Of A Case
C S Tian, W F Tsoi

Atypical Neurilemmomas Of The Tongue - Report Of Two Cases
C H Siar, K H Ng, T Y Chia, M G Kulkarni

Fixed Sporotrichosis
G Srivastava, O P Singh, U Banerjee, D Jayant, N Vaswani, A Dashore

Cryptococcus Peritonitis
F Wang

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