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Leading Article - Plesiomonas Shigelloides Associated With Human Infections
S Y S Lam, M Yeo

Leading Article - Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)
K T Woo, G H L Lee

Invited Article - Choice of NSAID - Safety Profile
W W Buchanan, W F Kean

CAPD In Hong Kong
S S Lam, W S F Ng, M K Chan

Current Surgical Strategies In Ovarian Carcinoma - A Review
P Singh, S S Ratnam

Drug Therapy In Hypertension - Changing Trends Over The Last Fifteen Years
S F Tan

Some Aspects Of Sexual Knowledge And Sexual Behaviour Of Local Women. Results Of A Survey - XII Sexual Problems and Concerns
V Atputharajah

Sjogren's Syndrome - A Clinical Study Of 12 Local Patients
K Y Fong, H S Ng, C S Seah, C T Chew

Skin Immunoflourescence Patterns In SLE Patients In Singapore
K V Ratnam, K L Phay, S K Ng, T Tan

Utilisation Of Traditional Birth Attendants In MCH Care In Rural Malaysia
H Yadav

The Relationship Between Personality And The Attitude To Psychiatry Of Medical Students
L P Kok

A Prevalence Survey Of Psychiatric Morbidity In A Rural Malaysian Village: A Preliminary Report
H Ramli, K Ohn, S Krishnaswamy, K Kasmini, S Hassan

Plesiomonas Shigelloides Associated With Diarrhoeal Disease In Malaysian Children
Y S Lim, L J Young, S Balakrishnan

Clinicopathological Correlation In Osteoclastomas: The University Hospital Experience
S Sambandan, R Pathmanathan

Future Health Patterns Of Singapore
H P Lee

The Doctor In The Future
G K Mah

The Patient In The Future
C Y Theng

Disseminated Gonococcal Infection Due To Penicillinase-Producing Strain Of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae In A Pregnant Women - A Care Report
T Thirumoorthy, C T Lee, T Tan

Hyperkalemic Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis With Hyporeninemic Hypoaldosteronism In A Patient With SLE
T K Lim, K Y Fong

Crush Syndrome Following Sedative-Hypnotic Overdosage
F C Yong, K Nadarajah, S Krishnamoorthy

Intestinal Obstruction In Infancy Due To Mesenteric Cyst - A Case Report
C R Thambi Dorai

Transient Ventricular Arrhythmia As A Cardiac Manifectation In Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever - A Case Report
S K Chuah

Neonatal Hypoglycemia Due To Mesidiablastosis - A Case Report
P Jayalakshmi, B K Gan, S L Ch'ng, H P Lin

Response Of A Case Of Myelodysplatic Syndrome With Partial Myeloperoxidase Deficiency To Continuous Infusion Of Low-Dose Cytosine Arabinoside
S K Cheong

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