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Opening Address - The SMA Silver Jubilee National Medical Convention 1985
S B Kwa

1985 SMA Lecture - Health Care: Today And Tomorrow
V L Fernandez

Myopia In Ten Year Old Children - A Case Control Study
S L Ling, A J Chen, U Rajan, W M Cheah

Leptospirosis Among Abattoir Workers - A Serological Survey
O Y Chan, D R Paul, E H Sng

Special Article - Measures To Control The Spread of Aids In Britain

Screening For Cervical Cancers In Prostitutes
K B Lim, S N Tham, I Sng, T Tan

The Management Of Superficial Bladder Tumours
K H Tung, E C Tan, H S Lam, C O Low, K T Foo, E P C Tock

Cigarette Smoking And Duodenal Ulcer Disease In Singapore
I L E Yap, S J Labrooy, R Guan, J Y Kang

The Natural History Of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries
S S Ngoi, K Satku, V P Kumar

Asymptomatic Cholelithiasis And The Incidence Of Gallstone Disease
I N Ross, C R Jayakumar

Mortality Of Orientals With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - A Reappraisal
M L Boey, S C Ng, P H Feng

Development Of A Simple Method For The Determination Of Serum Vitamin A Level As Reflector Of Nutritional Status
N P Das, C W Ma

Relationships Of Serum Cholesterols (Total And Esterified) With Serum Uric Acid
N Saha

Office Surgery: Electrodessication In Syringomas And Trichoepithelioma
Y C Giam

Cerebral Malaria: A Diagnosis Often Forgotten In Singapore
K T Tan, K Y Fong, V Kwok, J S Cheah

Ageing: The Problems And The Solutions
C C Toh

Adding More Life To Years
N P Fong

Sublingual Buprenorphine For Post-Operative Pain
W T L Tan, J Tan

Thanatophoric Dwarfism: Three Case Reports
S W Jen, P H Thong, S L Tan

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Of Lingual Tonsil - A Case Report
S T S Lee, P Jayalakshmi, R Raman

Transendoscopic Removal Of Heterotopic Pancreatic Tissue In The Stomach - A Case Report
P H C Lim, H C Chng, J M S Ho

Metastatic Breast Adenocarcinoma - A Case Report
K H Ng, C H Siar, E T Lim, M K Tan, C H Ngui

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