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Editorial: A Time For Change And A Time To Remain The Same
P H Feng

Acute Bronchial Asthma: A Pattern Of Admissions
T K Lim

Hepatitis B - Clinical Manifestations And Prospects For Elimination
C J Oon

Mendelian Correlations Between Relatives - Equations Defining Bi-unikins, Unikins And Bikins And Their Applications
K H Sit

Reliability Of Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide Monitoring In Premature Infants With Chronic Lung Disease
J L Chow, G J Kost, M A Kenny

Silicosis In The Manufacture Of Scouring Powder
H S Lee, O Y Chan, S K Lim Tan, T H Tan, R Kwok, Y K Chan

Assessment Of Difficult Renal Stones
K T Foo

Cancer Mortality In The Federal Capital Of Malaysia
H H Lim

Awareness Of AIDS Among Transsexual Prostitues In Singapore
K V Ratnam

The Value Of Investigations, The Significance Of Perinatal And Family Histories And The Prevalence Of Side Effects To Phenobarbitone In Children With Recurrent Seizures
S W Huang, P Somasundram, C L Tan

Enuresis: Outcome Of Treatment
C W Goh

Prolongation Of Distal Motor Latencies - Characteristic Finding In Guillain-Barre Syndrome
G Devathasan, H I Tong

Gallbladder Emptying After Drinking Water And Its Possible Role In Prevention Of Gallstone Formation
M V Math, P M Rampal, X R Faure, J P Delmont

Spontaneous Passage Of Gallstones After Ingestion Of Olive Oil: A Case Report
D Koh

A Case Of Abdominal Mesothelioma
Y Y Ong, K W Chan, A Thomas, L B Teh

Masturbation During Sleep - A Somnambulistic Variant?
K E Wong

Case Report: A Case Of Fibromatosis In A Six Year Old With Coarctation Of The Aorta
K Y Wong, C T T Tan, J Lou, H K Cheng

Acute Intermittent Porphyria: The First Case Report In Malaysia
R Jeyamalar, S L Ch'ng

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