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19th SMA Lecture - Towards Excellence In Medicine
V K Pillay

Significant Lone Daughters And Mutations In Sex Linkage Risk Estimations - A Comprehensive Computer Programme
K H Sit, H B Wong

Patterns Of Infection In Oncology Patients In Singapore
V T K Chow, B Ho, H W Ng, Y W Ong

Alcohol-Related Hospitalisation In Singapore
E H Kua

Vaginal Delivery Following Caesarian Section
D Vengadasalam

Treatment Of Pharyngeal Gonorrhoea With Extended Oral Ampicillin
Samia W Altaf, Joseph M Dicaprio, James Reynolds, James Johnson, Maxine Smrekar, Harvey De Boer, Robert Nishimura

Treatment Of Anorectal Gonorrhoea Infection In Males And Females With Oral Ampicillin
S W Altaf, J M Dicaprio

Some Aspects Of Sexual Knowledge And Sexual Behaviour Of Local Women. Results Of A Survey. VIII Anal Intercourse
V Atputharajah

Evaluation Of A Low Cost, Macroscopic Nontreponemal Test For Syphilis Using Reusable Supplies
E H Sng, M Tan, A L Lim

The Cardiovascular Laboratory At The Mount Elizabeth Hospital. The First 600 Cases
W S Chin, S S Rajendra Pillai

Early Hospital Discharge For Male Patients With Uncomplicated Myocardial Infarction
J Cheng, J H Kho, A Chan

Minoxidil In The Rapid Control Of Severe Hypertension
K W Chan, P H Feng, F J Jayaratnam

Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis: Treatment With Combined Immunosuppression And Anticoagulation With Arvin
M Segasothy, C T Kong, Z Morad, A B Suleiman, K S Phang

Transient Global Amnesia: A Report Of Three Cases And Review Of The Literature
K F Tang, Y K Yeow, Y C Chee, T L Tjia

Interpositional Arthroplasty For True Ankylosis Of The Temporomandibular Joint - A Report Of Two Cases
G C Foo

Biliary Ascariasis
C R Thambi Dorai

Obturator Dislocation Of The Hip Associated With Fracture Shaft Of Femur: A Case Report
Sidha Sambandan

Infective Endocarditis In Marfan's Syndrome - A Case Report
K L Goh, Zaed Hassan, C T Tan

Neurofibromatosis And Multiple Skull Defects: A Case Report
Kader Naina Mohamed

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