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AUGUST  1986

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Neonatology - Future Trends And Development
V Y H Yu

First Admission To A Psychiatric Hospital In Singapore - A Prospective Study
O K Leong

Utilization Of Formal Services By Non-Institutionalized Ill Elderly
V Thambypillai

Terminal Care - What The Carers Think
A Merriman, C Lau-Ting, M Thompson

Anthropometric And Biochemical Studies Among Residents Of Old People's Home In Singapore
W O Phoon, S Y Oon, C Y Tye

Mortality Review In The University Department Of Surgery, Singapore General Hospital: January-December, 1981
Susan M L Lim, Richard K H Chew, K T Foo, W C Foong

Diet And Colon Cancer
M J Lawson, R N Butler

Hepatitis B And Dental Patients
V Cugadasan

Health Hazards Of Work On Visual Display Units (VDUs)
S F Ho, K T Tan

Incidence Of pGSO1 And pGSO4 Type Sulphonamide Resistance Genes Among Clinical Isolates Collected From Hospitals In Sri Lanka
T Vinayagamoorthy, K Theivendrarajah

Estimation Of Arecoline Contents In Commercial Areca (Betel) Nuts And Its Relation To Oral Precancerous Lesions
M N Awang

Reflotest Hypoglycemie - A More Sensitive Screening Method For Neonatal Hypoglycaemia
H L Loke, K C Lun

The Presence Of Yeasts In Urine
M S Yasin, F Jamal, S A Samed, Z Zainal, S Misngi

The Management Of Purulent Penile Ulcers In Singapore
T Thirumoorthy, E H Sng, S Doraisingham, A E Ling, K B Lim, C T Lee

Hookworm Infestation As A Cause Of Abdominal Pain In Young Singapore Males
S H Tan, S J Chew, K W Chin

Lactic Acidosis From Phenformin Overdose. A Case Report
H S Lim, S K Chew, F L Sin, Y T Tan

Fatal Nonclostridial Gas Gangrene In A Diabetic: A Case Report And Review Of The Literature
S Sambandan

Kala Azar In A Singaporean
H H Tay, R Guan, Y K Kueh, V Zaman, J S Cheah

Tonsillectomy Relieves Hypersomnolence
Y T Wang, T H Tan, M H Choo, R K C Chan

Fatal Re-expansion Pulmonary Oedema
K Narendran

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Presenting With Mixed Paranoid And Affective Organic Psychotic State - A Case Report
Y M Cai, S S Wei, S K Chew

Skin Necrosis As A Complication Of Improperly Administered Subcutaneous Heparin
K B Lim, T Tan

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