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The Management Of Hyperprolactinaemia
S L Tan, D Morris, H S Jacobs

Some Characteristics Of Male Inpatients Of The Forensic Ward in Woodbridge Hospital
Y W Wong

Comparison Of Midazolam, Diazepam And Placebo In The Treatment Of Insomnia
L P Kok, W F Tsoi

Early High-Dose Oral Corticosteroids And Avascular Hip Necrosis In Renal Transplants
A Y T Wu, Y S Leo, H S Pwee, W C Foong, A Rauff, C H Lim

Treatment of Biliary Colic With Prostaglandin-Synthetase Inhibition: Diclofenac Sodium
G N Karachalios, S Tsimiklic, G Asimakis, G Helas

Plasma Theophylline Concentrations In Asthmatic Children Receiving A Twice Daily Theophylline Preparation
J Teo, H S Lee, P C Teo

Elastic Tissue In Salivary Gland Tumours
K H Ng, C H Siar

A Prospective Randomized Study Of The Copper 7, Multiload Cu 250 And Copper 220C IUDS In Singapore
T G McCarthy, L S Lim, S M M Karim, S S Ratnam

An Eight Year Experience With The Use Of Kielland's Forceps In Singapore
K Singh, O Viegas, S H Heng, S S Ratnam

Some Aspects Of Sexual Knowledge And Sexual Behaviour Of Local Women. Results Of a Survey. VII Orogenital Sex
V Atputharajah

Lepromin Skin Test In Normal People In Singapore: A One Year Follow-up
K V Ratnam, T Tan

Evaluation Of Treatment With Sicorten Cream By Day And Sicorten Ointment At Night In Patients With Chronic Psoriasis
E J Feurman, S H Yawalkar

Prevalence Of Asymptomatic Hookworm Infestation In Young Singapore Males
S H Tan, S J Chew, K W Chin

Traumatic Open Posterior Dislocation Of The Hip. A Case Report
S Sambandan

Sclerotherapy Of Oral haemangioma With 3% Sodium Tetradecyl Sulphate - A Case Report
K C Ling

Severe Bronchoconstriction After Inhalation Of Beclomethasone And Budesonide
S C Poh, Y T Wang

Escherichia Coli Lung Abscess In A Young Adult
K Narendran

Idiopathic Edema In The Athletic Woman
I H Sutherland

Paroxysmal Tonic Seizures In Demyelinating Disease
C T Tan, E T Low

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