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Editorial: AIDS - The Facts
P H Feng

First National Arthritis Foundation Lecture. How To Cope With Arthritis
Fan Peng Thim

Incentives And Disincentives Used To Affect Demographic Changes In Fertility Trends In Singapore
K Singh, O Viegas, S S Ratnam

Respiratory Function In Cadmium Battery Workers
O Y Chan, S C Poh, K T Tan, S F Kwok

A Computer Program For Oesophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy Records
S Paramarajah

Immune Response To Hepatitis B Vaccination In Haemodialysis Patients And Healthy Medical Staff
S H Ton, G Duraisamy, R Noriah, A Thiruselvam, CG Lopez, A B Suleiman

A Pilot Study Of Cefotiam (Ceradolan) In The Treatment Of Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
T H Tan, P H Feng

Acute Suppurative Renal Infections
H S Lam, C Tan, E C Tan, K H Tung, K T Foo

Predominance Of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Serotype 11, Pyocin Types 1 And 10 In Singapore
C L Poh, E H Yap, L Tay, G K Loh, T W Thong

Dexamethasone Suppression Test And Schizophrenia
W F Tsoi, J K Candlish, K H Tan

Use of Monoclonal Antibodies In Trophoblastic Neoplasia
S C Ng, S S Ratnam

Fibrin Degradation Products (FDP) And Inhibitors In Retroplacental Blood
S C Ng, S Koh, F H M Tsakok, S S Ratnam

Some Aspects Of Sexual Knowledge And Sexual Behaviour Of Local Women - Result Of A Survey VI - Extramarital Coitus
V Atputharajah

Primary Hyperparathyroidism At The Singapore General Hospital
T B Chan, K O Lee, A Rauff, L Tan, H M Gwee

Anaesthetic Management For The Removal Of Phaeochromocytoma With Neuroleptanaesthesia Using High Dose Fentanyl - A Case Report
M K Lee

Gastric Stricture Following Zinc Chloride Ingestion
L S Chew, H S Lim, C Y Wong, M M Htoo, B H Ong

An Acardius Amorphus In A Twin Pregnancy
J Y L Goh, V Sivanesaratnam, S C Ng, L M Looi

Nasopharyngeal Tuberculosis Presenting As A Mass
K Narendran, R Chan, W T Poh

Chylothorax Due To Filariasis - A Case Report
K L Goh, H W Tan, T G Loh, S Yap

Giant Inguinoscrotal Hernia - A Case Report
C R Thambi Dorai

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