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The National Childhood Immunisation Programmes In Singapore
K T Goh

Cerebral Palsy In Singapore Children
F M Paul

Parasuicides In Kuala Lumpur. Reasons For The Attempt
J W Orr

Psychological Aspects Of Patients On Haemodialysis
E H Kua, W F Tsoi, K W Boey, H S Pwee, K T Woo

The Incidence Of Upper Gastro-Intestinal Disease In A Malaysian Community
I N Ross, S Nair, C R Jayakumar

How Useful Is The Cat Scan For Investigating Epilepsy?
Isobel H Choo, K P Tan, Maurice H Choo

The Aetiology Of Urethral Discharge In Men
K B Lim, B A Ali, W K Cheong, H C B Kwok, H C Lau, M M H Seah, E O Lui

Indirect Ankle, Brachial And Direct Intra-Arterial Blood Pressure Measurements
C K Koay, M K Chin

Selective Cervical Conization Following Colposcopy: A Critical Evaluation Of 107 Cases
Pritam Singh, M Pang, S S Ratnam

Acetylator Phenotype In Chinese Patients With Spontaneous Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
E J D Lee, J M E Lim, P H Feng

Isolations Of "Group F Vibrios" From Human Stools
Selena Y S Lam, L T Goi

Serological Detection Of Enterotoxin From Food Poisoning Strains Of Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated In Malaysia
Y S Lim, M Jegathesan, A S Koay

Periorbital Swelling - Complication From Adjacent Structures Case Reports And Review Of Literature
K Sukumaran, S Chandran, N Janakarajah, P K Garg

Problems In The Management Of Insulinoma
P N Chong, J S Cheah, S C Ng, L Tan, A C Thai, A Rauff, P P B Yeo

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