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An Unusual Cause Of Apnoea On The Table

T Saravanapavananthan

Cardiac Electrophysiology An Update For Physicians

Arthur T H Tan

The Incidence And Significance Of Superior QRS Axis In Children With Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease

William C L Yip, John S H Tay

Birth Weight Of Newborns And Maternal Health
A J Chen, S L Ling

Rubella In Male Singapore Adolescents: Incidence And Effects Of Vaccination

Mohd Tahir Ahmad, E H Tan, L C Seet, S Doraisingam

Complex Maxillo Facial Injuries In Singapore
P H Fong, S T Lee

Eye Injury From Plant Sap Of Pedilanthus Tithymaloides Poit
T K Lim, Engkik Soepadmo

Hearing Sensitivity Of Singaporeans In Advanced Age
K H Yiap, L E Loh

Presentation Of Supracondylar Fractures Of The Humerus In Singapore Children
W C G Peh, S R E Sayampanathan , N Balachandran

The Plain Film Diagnosis Of Combined Right Middle And Lower Lobe Collapse
W S Chin

Monosymptomatic Hypochondriacal Psychosis A Report Of 3 Cases
S G Kong, K H Tan

Anaesthesia For Traumatic Pneumo-cephalus. Use Of Total Intravenous Althesin
W K Van

Effect Of Norethisterone On Coagulation And Fibrinolysis In Asian Women
F H M Tsakok, S Koh, S E Chua, S S Ratnam, C W Tyler, P Layde, B L Evatt

Some Aspects Of Sexual Knowledge And Sexual Behaviour Of Local Women
Results Of A Survey
IV Premarital Coitus

V Atputharajah

Chronic Pancreatitis With Splenic Vein Occulsion And Recurrent Variceal Haemorrhage
Y T Wang, Y W Cheong , A Heng, R K Kwok, S C Poh

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