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Editorial: Thanalogy The Study Of Death And Dying
P H Feng

Invited Article: Peritoneal Dialysis A review With Consideration Of The Role Of CAPD In Renal Replacement Therapy In Developing Countries
M K Chan

Teenage Marriages In Singapore
John S H Tay, William C L Yip

National University Of Singapore Students Who Come For Psychological Help
Y L Ong, E Aw, C Chua, P K Ong, J Lowe

Clinical Presentation Of Buccal Carcinoma A Review Of Twenty-Nine Patients
N Janakarajah , R Zain

Self-Poisoning: A Study Of Female Patients Hospitalised In A General Medical Department In One Year
Y C Chee, L H Teo

Infectiousness With Respect To HBV Of Medical Staff And Patients In The General Hospital , Kuala Lumpur
S H Ton, C G Lopez, K S Cheong , R Noriah

Prenatal Diagnosis Of Cephalo Thoraco Pagus (Conjoined Twin) By Ultrasound
S C Chew

Child Stealing In Sri Lanka A Case Report
T Ganesvaran, N Saravanapavananthan

Renal Papillary Necrosis. Retrospective Radiological Study
M Segasothy, A Kamal, Abu Bakar Suleiman

Evaluation Of Ketoconazole Against Griseofulvin In The Treatment Of Dermatophytes
Y C Giam, V S Rajan

Some Aspects Of Sexual Knowledge And Sexual Behaviour Of Local Women
Results Of A Survey
II Female Masturbation

V Atputharajah

Well-Differentiated Fibrosarcoma Of The Maxilla A Case Report
G C Foo, Rosnah B Zain

The Objective Assessment Of Hearing In Children Using The Auditory Brainstem Responses
K H Yiap, L E Loh

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