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SMA Lecture: Ethical Consequences Of Technological Change
M K Rajakumar

Disaccharidase Deficiency And Malabsorption Of Carbohydrate
C K Lee

A Review Of Post-Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis In Singapore
H S Howe, K T Woo, L K A Tan, A Rauff, W C Foong, C H Lim

Endometriosis In Asian Women: A Retrospective Study
F H M Tsakok, T K Ong, Y M Yong, S S Ratnam

Uterine Rupture In Labour A 10 Year Review
S Y Chew

Physical Illness And Suicide
B H Chia

A Clinical And Audiology Study Of Hearing Impaired Pre-School Children
K H Yiap, K A Abraham, L E Loh

Echovirus Type 11 Infection In Singapore
M Yin-Murphy, M C Phoon, Baharuddin-Ishak

Early Gastric Carcinoma. A Non-Japanese Experience
T C Lim, N Gallagher

Post-operative Wound Infection Following Gynaecological Operations
P S Lui, K C Ching, Y M Salmon, H T Choo, G E Yeo , E H Sng

Results of Prolonged Rehabilitation Of Cerebral Palsy In Singapore
E S Tan

The Incidence Of Inhaled Foreign Body In West Malaysia
M S Shanmugham

Urethral Fistulae Of Tuberculous Origin
R Palaniswamy, M Bhandari

Central Pontine Myelinolysis With Computerised Tomography Confirmation. A Case Report
Y K Yeow, T L Tjia

Graves' Disease In Association With Autoimmune Thrombocytopenic Purpura. A Case Study
W C G Peh, C K Tan

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