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A Six Month Study Of Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage At Singapore General Hospital
J Y Kang, C L Chua, R Guan, C N Lee, C Mohan, H S Ng, S K Ng, L B Teh

A Clinical Evaluation Of Positive Blood Cultures And Bacteremia
T K Lim, T B Chan

Ventilatory Function In Malay Office Workers In Malaysia
A B Che'Man, H H Lim

Malignant Lymphoma In Children: University Hospital , Kuala Lumpur 1967 1980
D Sinniah, B E Tan, H P Lin

Birth Weight Distribution, Mean Birth Weights And Low Birth Weights Among Various Ethnic Groups In Malaysian Newborns
H Yadav

Serum Vitamin C And Total Cholesterol Levels In Healthy Adults
N Saha , P Y Tan

The Technique And Applications Of Cryotherapy In Surgery
P H C Lim

Changes In The Oral Environment In Cancer Patients
V Cugadasan

The Haemogram In The Diagnosis Of Acute Typhoid Fever With Special Reference To Thrombocytopenia
P K Yap , C T Chua

Effects Of Cimetidine, Ranitidine And Promethazine On Histamine-Induced Dermal Weals And Pruritus. A Case Study
Y C Chee

Meningeal Carcinomatosis From Adenocarcinoma Of The Lung A Case Report
K Narendran

Puffer Fish (Tetrodotoxin) Poisoning: Clinical Report And Role Of Anti-Cholinesterase Drugs In Therapy
S K Chew, C H Goh, K W Wang , P K Mah, B Y Tan

The Rehabilitation Of A Bilateral Amputee. A Case Report
P Doraisamy, D Seet, G Tay

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Due To A Calcareous Mass In The Carpal Tunnel
S Das De

Althesin Infusion In The Treatment Of Convulsion A Case Report
K K Ong

Special Article: Malpractice And Professional Negligence In The Health Professions
W O Phoon

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