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By Invitation Acute Renal Failure: Some New Thoughts
H E Eliahou , A Iaina

Mental Illness In The Elderly
E H Kua, W F Tsoi, S K Chew, K H Tan, C H Tan, L Cheng

Use Of Cefotaxime In Gonorrhoea
Somjes Krairojananan

Extended Nephrolithotomy Under Regional Hypothermia For Staghorn Stones
K T Foo, E C Tan, W C Foong

Colposcopy As A Screening Procedure In The Evaluation Of Abnormal Pap Smears
S Y Chew, S C Chew, W C Ng

Report On Post-operative Elective Ventilation In University Hospital , Kuala Lumpur 1970 1980
A E Delikan, R Vijayan Sannasi

Continuous Intra-venous Althesin As An Adjunct In Neuro-anaesthesia A Nine Month Experience
W K Van

Production Of Monoclonal Antiplatelet Antibodies By The Hybridoma Technique
R A Pereira, J Bosco, P Simmons, T Pang

Anti-thrombin III Levels In Some Malaysian Patients Suspected Of Having Acquired Coagulation Disorders
S H Tan, G Doraisamy, R Noriah, C G Lopez

Prevalence Of Coxsackievirus B Antibody In Patients With Suspected Rheumatic Fever And Rheumatic Heart Disease
L Tay , M Yin-Murphy, P H Chua, L H Koh

The Acceptance Of Home Glucose Monitoring By Diabetic Children
S H Tan, B W Lee

Stable Blood Glucose Test Strips And Reflectance Meters
A C Thai, P P B Yeo

Pulmonary Hydatid Cyst In Singapore A Case Report
S K Teo, M L Boey, T H Tan, I Sng

Choreoathetosis And Seizures Associated With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus A Case Report
S K Chew, B Y Tan

Traumatic Dislocation Of The Hallucal Sesamoid A Case Report
W C G Peh, W G S Fung

Unilateral Calcified Fibrothorax With Cor Pulmonale: Failure To Improve With Decortication
Y C Chee, S C Poh

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