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The Syndrome Of Acute Mitral Regurgitation Clinical Recognition, Investigations And Management
B L Chia, B Ee, A Tan M Choo, L Tan, N C Tan, B Singh, E P K Mah, S Quek

Suicidal Behaviour In Singapore for The Year 1980
W F Tsoi, L P Kok

Measurement And Clinical Significance Of Bronchial Responsiveness To Histamine
Y C Chee

Coxsackie Virus Infections Producing Neurological Lesions In Singapore Children
F M Paul, M Yin-Murphy

A Simple Method Of Reducing Bacteriuria After Outpatient Cystoscopy
H S Goh , D M Burge, J F Bramble

Surgical Review Of Thyroglossal Cysts
K H Tung, E C Tan

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation For The Relief Of Chronic Pain
R G Don, G Tay

Malignancy Of The Tonsil In Young Adults Report Of Two Cases
A P Singh, P K Srivastava

Acquired Haemophilia A Case Report
B L Siow, K Nadarajah, F J Jayaratnam

Preliminary Communication: Differences In Surface IgD Of B-lymphocytes From Maternal Peripheral, Maternal Retroplacental and Foetal Cord Blood
S C ng, H Y Law, S S Ratnam

Special Article: The Present Status Of Kidney Donation In the United Kingdom
C Pallis

Special Article: Dialysis And Transplantation in Israel An Overview
H Eliahou

Special Article: legislation On Organ Donation The FrenCh Experience
M Broyer

Therapeutical Update: Clinical Strategy In Rheumatoid Arthritis
P H Feng

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