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Editorial: Medicine And The Media
P H Feng

Special Article: Rheumatoid Arthritis – An Overview
G R V Hughes

Comparison Of The Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests In Adults Using 50G And 75G Glucose Load
J S Cheah , A C Thai, E Jacob, K F Lui, P Yan, P P B Yeo

Suicide By Psychiatric Patients In Singapore
E H Kua, L P Sim

A Clinical And Psychosocial Study Of Seven Cases of Anorexia Nervosa In Singapore
Y L Ong, W F Tsoi, J S Cheah

Lithium In The Prophylactic Treatment Of Recurrent Affective Disorders
E H Kua, S L Lee, K T Chee

Acute Appendicitis: The Significance Of “Positive” Rectal Examination And The Position Of The Vermiform Appendix
C P Chee, K Somasundaram

Clinical Aspects Of Prostatic Carcinoma
K T Foo, E C Tan, K H Tung, Y S Lee

Nail Calcium, Phosphate And Magnesium In Hyperthyroidism
J S Cheah , E Jacob, P P B Yeo, H M Gwee, P Lim

Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia: Its Natural History And Management
Y K Kueh, R Suri

Bilateral Hilar Adenopathy: Its Significance
S C Poh

Spontaneous Uterine Rupture Through Perforation Scar Of Previous Curettement
S Y Chew, H T Choo

Lithium and The Solitary Thyroid Nodule – A Case Report
Y C Chee, T C Ong

Bulimia Nervosa – A Case Report
E H Kua, S L Lee, K T Chee

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