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A Pharmacological Evaluation Of The Potential Of A Bronchodilator, Trimetoquinol, To Produce Tachycardia And Skeletal Muscle Tremor
M C E Gwee

Stage IV S Neuroblastoma. A Review From The University Hospital , Kuala Lumpur
D Sinniah, H P Lin, P W Kwan, K Somasundram

Unusual Vibrio Species Found In Diarrhoeal Stools
S Lam, E Monteiro

Seroimmunity Of National Servicemen In Singapore To Poliomyelitis
L H Lee, E H Goh, L C Seet, K L Fam

Gigantism And Acromegaly In Singapore
H M Gwee, D Chua, J S Cheah , P Lim

Haemotological Changes In Thyrotoxic Patients In Singapore
Y K Kueh, P P B Yeo, J S Cheah

The Laboratory Evaluation Of Home Blood Glucose Monitoring Instruments
A C Thai, P P B Yeo, K F Lui, J S Cheah

Male Trans-Sexuals In Singapore
B H Chia

Self-Poisoning In Singapore Main Causative Factors
W F Tsoi, L P Kok

Acute Rejection and Steroid Dosage In Renal Transplantation
E J C Lee, K T Woo, S H Chan, C H Lim

Industrial Dermatitis In Singapore And Some Epidemiological Features
W H Phoon

IV Labetalol In The Management of Severe Hypertension
B Ee, T C Aw, P P B Yeo, P C Teoh, B L Chia

Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy In An Indian Male
B L Chia, R Ng, V Oh, B Ee, L Tan

Sinus Arrest Due To Lidocaine
B L Chia

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