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Special Article: Editors, Journals and You
P H Feng

Straight Back Syndrome
B L Chia, L Tan, P C Teoh, B Ee

A Study Of The Aceylator Phenotype In Normal Subjects
E J D Lee, J M E Lim

Treatment Of Disease Without The Use Of Drugs
VI Treatment Of Rhinitis By A Yogic Process Of Cleaning And Rubbing The Nasal Passage With A Rubber Catheter

M K Sim

Prevention Of Mental Subnormality In Singapore Children
F M Paul

Clinical Studies On Chinese Multilinguals With Dysphasia
C T Tan, R L Rapport

Standardised Mortality Ratios For Some Selected Causes Among The Main Ethnic And Chinese Dialect Groups In Singapore , 1970
K C Lun, H P Lee

A Study Of Lightning Deaths In Singapore
T C Chao, J E Pakiam , J Chia

Rhabdomyosarcoma In Childhood A 13 Year Review From The University Hospital Kuala Lumpur 1967 1980
D Sinniah, H M Tan, H P Lin, L M Looi

Adenomatoid Tumour A Report Of Two Cases
S N Kothare

Budd-Chiari Syndrome And Hepatic Adenomas Associated With Oral Contraceptives A Case Report
K T Ho, G K F Loke, L K A Tan, B H Ong

Campylobacter Enteritis In Singapore
S Lam

Physical Fitness Definition And Assessment
C K Giam

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