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Utilization of Biochemistry Service A Ten-Year Review
I K Tan, A Kua, A K Ow, E Jacob

Diabetic Screening In Pregnancy
C S A Ng, L S Lim, Y C Wong, D Liew, Y M Yong, S S Ratnam

The Use of Intravenous Low-Dose Insulin Infusion In The Intrapartum Management Of Diabetes Mellitus
L S Lim, N S Kowa, C Ng, P B P Yeo, H M Gwee, J S Cheah, P Lim, K Y Woon, K L Tan, S S Ratnam

Exercise Prescription
N K Wenger

Management Of The Smoking Habit In A Rehabilitation Programme
H P Lee, B L Chia, C H Oon, B Ee, L P Low

Ocular Toxicity From Ethamobutol
Y C Chee

Pattern Of Intrinsic Innervation Of Human Coronary Arteries
N N Y Nawar, Y Mikhail, N A Mekhail, M M Attia

Screening For Thalassaemia And Haemoglobinopathy In Adult Patients
E George

Hemihyperhidrosis And Intrathoracic Malignancy
Y T Wang, D Singh, S C Poh

Retroperitoneal Fibrosis A Case Report
K H Tung, K T Foo

Chorea, A Manifestation Of Hypernatraemia?
Y T Wong, D Singh Gill, S C Poh

Thyrotoxicosis Mimicking Carcinoma Of The Oesophagus
P K Yan

Pilomatrixoma (Calcifying Epithelioma) In Sarawak
S N Kothare

Severe Leucopenia And Fever Due To Benzlypenicillin A Rare Complication Of Treatment With A Common Antibiotic
P K Yap

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