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Preface - With Justifiable Pride
P H Feng

Editorial - The Role Of The Medical School In The 1980s
P K Wong

The Founding Of The Medical School In Singapore (Part I)
Y K Lee

Singapore Kernicterus
H B Wong

A Decade of Anatomical Research In Singapore
W C Wong

Changing Patterns Of Community Health. University Research In Singapore During 1970-1979
W O Phoon

Renal Disease In Singapore With Particular Reference To Glomerulpnephritis In Adults
R Sinniah

Cardiovascular Research In The University Department Of Medicine Over The Last Two Decades
B L Chia

Effect Of Prostaglandin E2 And 15(R)15 Methyl PGE2 On Duodenal Ulcer
F W K Chen, R S F Leong, P L Ng, Sultan M M Karim

Effect of Intra-articular Papain, Acetylsalicylic Acid, Indomethacin, Prostaglandin And Alcohol On The Articular Cartilage Of Rabbit Knees
Pesi B Chacha, S M M Karim, R Sinniah, P G Adaikan

Treatment Of Disease Without The Use Of Drugs. IV Self-treatment Of Asthma By Thought Control And Breathing Exercises
K V Ratnam, M K Sim

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