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Editorial: Vocational Training For The Health Care Professional
O T Khoo

Insulin Response To Glucose And Insulin Sensitivity In Hypocalcaemic Patients
P Lim, C S A Ng, E Jacob

Presence Of A Hepatoma Liver Antigen In The Sera Of Patients With Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma
C J Oon

Smoking In A Local Community In Singapore
H P Lee, K S Ng, K H Chan, H L Liang

Anaesthesia For Trans-Urethral Prostatectomy A Review Of The Problems, Complications And Their Management
E K Lim

HLA Antigens In Three Normal Southern Chinese Dialect Group Cantonese, Hokkiens And Teochew
S H Chan, G B Wee, N Srinivasan , D Vengadasalam

HLA and Chinese HB s Ag Carriers
S H Chan, G B Wee, N Srinivasan, Y W Ong

Medical Hazards Of Drug Abuse
T C Chao

The Use Of Video In A Teaching Unit
S M Lim, S S Ratnam

An Effect Induced By Cimetidine On Crypt Cell Proliferation In The Rat Small Intestine
B Callaghan

Two Malaysian Chinese Male Children With The Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
Y H Thong, D Sinniah, R Murugasu, J C White

Lung Cancer And Bullous Disease A Case Report
Y T Wang, D S Gill, S C Poh

SMA Lecture: The Significance Of Human Chromosome Abnormalities In Singapore
H B Wong

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