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Editorial: Academy of Medicine , Singapore
V K Pillay

Current Methods In The Surgical Treatment Of Strokes
J C M Khoo, M H L Yap , I P Nei, S C Loong, K P Tan, C F Tham, G Baratham

Oral Glucose Tolerance In Women Delivering Large Babies
C S A Ng, D Liew, S S Ratnam

Latent Cirrhosis In Singapore A Morphological and Aetiological Study
Y S Lee

The Pattern Of breast Cancer
L E Soon, R Nambiar

Psychiatric Complications Of Rohypnol Abuse
S H Teo, K T Chee, C T Tan

Effects Of Low Flow Rates on The Inspired Oxygen Concentration In Circle Absorber Circuit
C A Kam, S H Tham

Pneumomediastinum in The Newborn Period And Early Childhood
H P Lin, R O Johnson, K L Lam, T H Ong, J Singh

Ipsilateral Pulmonary Oedema After Drainage Of Spontaneous Pneumothorax
Y C Chee, D S Gill, S C Poh

Laseque's Sign An Important Beside Diagnostic Sign In Acute Polyradiculopathy (Guillain-Barre Syndrome)
G Davathasan, H I Tong, P K Wong

Flavobacterium Meningosepticum Infections
M Nadarajah, T H Tan

Quantitative Estimation Of Islet Tissue In Echidnas
N Edwin

Gastric Carcinoid Tumour
A S Y Leong, H O Tat

Meig's Syndrome A Case Report
T K Ong, M C E Cheng , Y S Lee

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