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Editorial: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Today

A Five-Year Review Of Amputees And Problems In Rehabilitation In Singapore
E S Tan

Clinical Evaluation Of Etidocaine In Continuous Caudal Analgesic For Vaginal Hysterectomy
L T Seow, H H Chiu, C Y Tye

Smallpox In Early Singapore (Part II) (1830 – 1849)
Y K Lee

The “Torches” (Congenital Diseases) Programme
I In Women Of Child-Bearing Age

D S K Tan, W Cheah , K D Sukumaran, H Stern

The Use Of Silver Sulfadiazine in The Treatment Of Burns – A Review Of 179 Cases
W C A Low

Controlled Double Blind Trial With Supracortin Cream
V S Rajan

A Trial Of Oxantel In Trichuriasis
F M Paul, V Zaman

An Epidemiological Study Of Five Families In The 1975 Conjunctivitis Epidemic
K T Goh, S Doraisingham

Isolation Of Arizona Hinshawii From Snake-Bite Wound
S Lam, M Yeo

A Clinical Study Of Epidemic Parotitis (Mumps) As Seen In A General Practice
V L Fernandez

Cryptococcal Meningitis in Singapore
M Nadarajah

Ventilatory Function In Normal Industrial Malay Workers In Singapore
Z K Onn, P K Chew

Leiner's Disease With Opsonization Defect Treated By Frequent Fresh Plasma Transfusions
Y H Thong, P L Chan, A W Grieve, M J Robinson

Ipsilateral Pulmonary Oedema After Rapid Re-expansion Of Pneumothorax
K H Ooi, D Leong

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