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Editorial: The Typhoid Menace

Mortality Review: Medical Unit II Outram Road General Hospital , Singapore , 1972 1973
H L Chan, T Y Yik, O T Khoo, C C S Toh , C H Lim

Studies Of New Sympathomimetic Beta-Receptor Stimulating Drugs In Asthmatic Patients
IV A Comparative Trial Of Subcutaneous Terbutaline (Bricanyl) And Salbutamol (Ventolin)

J L Da Gosta, B K Goh, P C Teoh

Epidemic Hysteria Among Some Factory Workers in Singapore
P K Chew, W H Phoon, H A Mae-Lim

The Pauper Hospital In Early Singapore (Part IV) (1850 1959)
Section II

Y K Lee

Enteric Fever Surveillance In Singapore
T S Koh , K T Goh

Control Of Enteric Fever
B Cvjetanovic

Early Discharge After Myocardial Infarction: A Controlled Study
W Oh

The Reliability Of Estimating Amino Acid Nitrogen/Creatinine Ratio In Random Urine Specimens
C Y Khoo

An Evaluation Of Wound Closure In Cataract Surgery
R Y Tan

Hyperthyroidism In A Pair Of Identical Twins
P P B Yeo, H M Gwee, J S Cheah

Melaena Due to Ectopic Pancreas In Enteric Duplication A Case Report
D W King

Delayed Neurological Manifestations Secondary To Electrical Injury A Case Report
Y S Low

Intestinal Duplication
W H Chua, K H Kho

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