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Editorial: Coronary Arteriography

Tumours Of The Nasopharynx – Singapore 1969 – 1971
The Presenting Picture

T H Khor, B C Tan, E J Chua, K B Chia

Fatal Coxsackie Virus Infections Of The Newborn
W S Hwang , M C K Chan, H B Wong, L H Lee

The Role Of Surgery In Cerebral Palsy
K Bose, K Q Yeo

Absence Of Abnormal Variants Of Cholinesterase (E.C. In A Malaysian Population With Three Major Racial Groups
A Ganendran, C W Ogle

The Response Of Human Tendon To Hydrocortisone Injection
S K Lee, C M Ling

Cryo Extraction Of Senile Cataracts
K L Chew, R C K Loh

The Pauper Hospital In Early Singapore (Part IV) (1850 – 1859) – Section I
Y K Lee

A Survey Of The Relationship Of Infection With Toxoplasmosis In Asian Women And Its Possible Effects On Their Pregnancy Outcome
R C Francis

Treatment Of Head Lice Infestation With Benzyl Benzoate And Pyrethrum
U Rajan

Epidemic Hysteria And Social Change: An Outbreak In A Lower Secondary School In Malaysia
J I Teoh

Ilio-Femoral Venous Thrombosis In Health Adults
T Ramanathan, N K Yong, F Wang, T G Loh

Asymptomatic Perforation Of The Uterus With The Copper-7 Iud And Its Management
V Sivanesaratnam, I S Puvan

“A Case Report Of Moyamoya Disease”
S T Khoo, G Lim, H Y Lee

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