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Leading Article: The Implications Of Fatal Penicillin Anaphylactic Reactions
G O Horne

SMA Lecture 1973: On Specialised Medicine Training And Certification
C S Seah

Plasma Transferring In Singapore Women During Pregnancy
L L Chang, K Chua, Y C Yong, R Sivasamboo

Mensuration Of The Sagittal Soft Tissue Of The Nasopharynx From The Lateral Neck Radiograph
F Y Khoo, H W Ng, W S Lee

Termination Of Mid-Trimester Pregnancy By Intra-Amniotic Injection Of Prostaglandins E s and F 2 a
A Y H Ng, M C E Cheng, S S Ratnam

Atrial Fibrillation In The Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome
B L Chia, M H L Yap , Y K Lee

Causes Of Enucleation In West Malaysia
S Chandran

Eccentricity Of The Head Of Femur
C K Tan

Some Characteristics Of The Chinese Femur
C K Tan

Peak Expiratory Flow Rate In Normal Adult Chinese in Singapore
J L Da Costa, B K goh

Evaluation Of Soya Bean Milk As An Antacid
W P Fung, C Y Tye

The General Hospital In Early Singapore (Part II) (1830 1839)
Y K Lee

Smallpox And Vaccination In Early Singapore (Part I) (1819 1829)
Y K Lee

Management Of Delayed Cases Of Decompression Sickness 3 Case Reports
G Chan, J How

Intrahoracic Heterotopic Bone Marrow Simulating A Neoplasm Report Of A Case
Y S Lee, N E Wong

Gastric Lymphoma Diagnosed By Gastroscopy And Gastric Biopsy
W P Fung, S K Lee

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