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Cancer In Singapore Ethnic And Dialect Group Variations In Cancer Incidence
K Shanmugaratnam

Epidemic Conjunctivitis: Discovery Of A New Aetiologic Agent
K H Lim

Epidemic Conjunctivitis In Singapore In 1970 And 1971
K H Lim, M Yin-Murphy

Aspiration Of Soft Cataracts
K H Lim

Hyperthyroidism In Pregnancy; A Study Of 37 Pregnancies In 34 Patients
P C T Chew, J S Cheah , L K C Chan, K L Tan

Secondary Hyperparathyroidism In Uraemic Patients On Chronic Haemodialysis A Case Report And Review
Y K Lim

Trans-Urethral Prostatectomy
S L Yong

Neonatal Tetanus In Singapore 1960 1970
A J Chen

Serological Studies On General Paralysis Of The Insane
K H Wee, W F Tsoi, S E Av, E h Sng

Studies Of New Sympathomimetic Beta-Receptor Stimulating Drugs In Asthmatic Patients:
I The Bronchodilator And Circulatory Effects Of Subcutaneous Terbutaline

J L Da Costa, B K Goh

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (Familial Hyper-beta-lipo-proteinaemia Of Type II Hyperlipoproteinaemia) In A Chinese Family
P C Teoh

A Study Of Hearing Loss In Singapore School Children
P Y Tan, B H Tan, N Saha

Lead Encephalopathy Report Of Two Cases
H C Chan, K E Tan

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