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The Distribution Of Red Cell Enzyme Groups Among Chinese And Malays In Singapore
N M Blake, E M McDermid, R L Kirk, Y W Ong , M J Simons

Absolute Indications For The Removal Of An Eye
K H Lim

Local Experience Of Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography
S F Yu, C L Oon, K M Kho

Failure Of Hand Growth After X-Ray Therapy
Y S Goh , T H Khor

Outpatient Termination Of Pregnancy By Vacuum Aspiration
A Y H Ng, S S Ratnam

Choice Of Endotracheal Tube In The Malaysian Paediatric Patient A Guide
A E Delikan

Lactose Intolerance: Hereditary Or Acquired? Effect Of Prolonged Milk Feeding
K L Chua, C S Seah

Some Intelligence And Personality Data Of Singapore Medical Students
F Y Long

The General Hospital In Early Singapore (Part I) (1819 1829)
Y K Lee

Cholera In Early Singapore (Part I) (1819 1849)
Y K Lee

The Pauper Hospital In Early Singapore (Part I) (1819 1829)
Y K Lee

Chinese Spirit Mediumship: Its Socio-cultural Interpretation And Psychotherapeutic Aspects
J I Teoh

Spirit Possession In An Indian Family A Case Report
C L Teoh, D Dass

Abnormal Insulin Response In A Uraemic Patient Treated With Hypertonic Peritoneal Dialysis A Case Report
P H Feng

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