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Urinary Calculi In Singapore A Study Of 254 Patients
J A Tambyah, J J Murugasu, I K Tan, J S Cheah, S Posen

Prevalence And Causes Of Glycosuria Among The Ethnic Groups In Singapore
J S Cheah , J A Tambyah, N R Mitra

Some Hematological Differences Between The Blood Of Mothers And Their Newborn Infants
L L Chang, K Chua, Y C Yong, R Sivasamboo

Survey Of Visual Status Of Factory Employees In Electronics Industries In Singapore
K H Lim, W P Wan, P K Chew

The Clinical Pattern Of Pelvic Fractures In Our Local Population
Y C Lee, K Q Yeo

Complicated Migraine A Review Of Ten Cases
T G Loh, J C Chawla

Detection Of Malarial Antibodies By Counter Current Immunoelectrophoresis
V Zaman, l Aschheim, E P Yap , M J Simons

Upper And Lower Respiratory Tract Disorders In Eight-Year-Old Singapore Children: An Investigation Of Survey Techniques
M Chia, N K Virabhak, Y K Ng, S K Lee, J M J Supramaniam, W Chan, P Martin, B Gandevia

A Comparative Trial Of Three Metered Bronchodilator Aerosols In Asthma
J L Da Costa, B K Goh

Pleural Fluid Glucose
S C Poh

Condylomata Lata Of The Umbilicus
T T Liu, M Tan, Y S Goh

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