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Changing Pattern Of Blindness In Singapore
R C K Loh

The Effect Of Repeated Blood Donation On The Haemoglobin, Haematocrit And Serum Iron Values Of Regular Blood Donors
S B Kwa

Missile Wounds
J M Matheson

Cryptococcosis A Report Of 3 Cases With Special Emphasis On Management And A Review Of The Local Literature
J M J Supramaniam, K C Ng, J Tambyah, C W Goh

Cardioversion In The Treatment Of Atrial Flutter
G K Mah

Trochanteric Fractures Of The Femur Treated By The Vitallium McLaughlin Nail And Plate
P C N Wong

Fatal Malignant Melanoma In A Prepubertal Chinese Boy
J S Cheah, S K Ting

Oxygen Administration By Ventimask In Patients With Respiratory Failure
S C Poh

The Value Of Hypnotherapy As An Adjunct in The Treatment Of Bronchial Asthma
T M Chong

A Case Of Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma with Unusual Presentation
N T S Tan, S B Kwa

Mortality In Fractures Of The Femoral Neck Following Treatment
P C N Wong

Leprosy In Singapore : A Survey Of This Disease Between The Years 1962 1967
K Y Khong

Malabsorption Syndrome In Singapore
P F Wye, O T Khoo

Haematological Indices In Health Chinese (A Survey Of 3,983 Students In Hong Kong )
J Grant

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