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JUNE  1966

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The Lower End Of The Ureter
L F Tinckler

Discordant Deformities Of Lip And Palate In Monozygotic Twins A Report Of 2 Sets Of Twins
B C Khoo

Serum Magnesium Levels In Acute Gastroenteritis in Childhood
F M Paul, D O'Brien

Iron Deficiency Anaemia Treated By Total Dose Infusion Of Iron Dextran Complex
S B Kwa

Experiences In The Treatment Of Renal Failure By Peritoneal Dialysis In Medical Unit II
G S Lee, C H Lim, O T Khoo

Basilar Artery Thrombosis A Report of 2 Cases
N B Tham

Fatal Haemolysis From Wasp And Hornet Sting
K H Tan, L S Chew, T C Chao

Stab Wounds Of The Heart
S C Ong, C G Thevathasan

Scrotal Gangrene In A Four-month-old Infant
L S Chew, K W Lim

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